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Meet Shivani Tyagi: Lawyer By Profession, Artist By Heart

In this article, we are going to talk with Shivani Tyagi aka Shivornia. Like many young adults, she is trying to balance her profession and passion together. She was born and brought up in New Delhi India. She always loved photography. It started as a hobby but then turned into a passion. She loves hearing stories, and it is her dream to make some great movies someday, which she will for sure. Or she would like to get her show on Fox life or TLC. That would be so cool! That is her ultimate dream. She did law and became a lawyer and became an intellectual, knowledgeable person. She gets appreciated by her family and her followers on social media a lot. This pushes her to get more creative and express a lot. Being an introvert, photography brought out the best in her. Let’s start this interview with Shivani Tyagi’s quote.

A ‘Spiritual Wanderer’ is a devoted traveller of the universe.
– Shivornia


1) What does photography mean to you? How did you develop an interest in photography?

To me, photography means telling a story by freezing time. It is a way you keep a memory, a moment, a person alive forever. A click comes with a feeling you can relive later again. I developed my interest in photography as I am captivated by the beauty of the world from the most prominent mountain to the smallest bit of dew. So I started capturing sky, plants, birds, sunsets and that’s when I knew I love doing this. Plus it also helped me in soul searching and becoming a writer. I think beautiful minds turn into photographers. Everything is so fascinating and full of stories. Funny thing is one same picture can tell million of different stories because everyone relates or experience it differently.

2) Are you a full-time photographer or it’s your passion only? What do you do besides photography?

I am a Lawyer professionally. Photography is something I love doing, and I think it is my responsibility to share the beauty I experience with the world. Capturing, that perfectly beautiful moment so that you can keep that vibe alive with that picture is fantastic.

3) Which one do you prefer for photography? Mobile or DSLR?

I think I can work with both. But I have only worked with my mobile camera and was able to capture some stunning pictures. So it doesn’t matter if you have a DSLR. You should have the vision and observance for sights that tell you a story or expresses any emotion. That first you and then others can relate to.

4) What is your favourite subject/theme to photograph?

My muse is nature. As cliche as it is, I love how beautiful this world is. Plus I also love bold colours. Colours that pop. They make you stop and look at them.

5) What kind of tool do you use for post-processing?

I like using all the photographer’s favourite Adobe Lightroom. It is beneficial as it gives your creativity a good flow. Plus sharps your skills. Snapseed as well.

6) How would you describe your photography style?

If it’s picturesque, it’s my style. I want to celebrate beauty. So I don’t think I have a specific style. I capture nature, portraits, macro, city, anything that intrigues me in a way that it looks beautiful and aesthetic.

7) Who influenced you the most? Is there any other photographer that you considers as a kind of idol?

So many of them. Kael Rebick, Goldie berlin I love their Instagram. These women take breathtaking, extraordinary images. But Every right image captured by every photographer inspires me a lot. Photographers make this world more beautiful with their perception and vision.

8) Tell us about your other hobbies. We got to know that you’re a writer as well. Please tell us about it.

My other hobbies are to write, do fun, adventurous things, read books, watch movies and hang out with my lovely family and friends. I recently wrote this poem.

Shivani TyagiEyes!
Eyes speak for themselves. The universe within staring at the world beyond. With an emptiness waiting to be filled with a sense of great purpose. Always these eyes look for those who keep the storms at bay. So that the world inside can be at peace with the world outside. While finding myself, I lost the real sight of life. I see Everything, and then I desire to be Everything that a dream can be made of. Such a harsh truth it is that dream stands for something that you want to make happen although it is not likely. What a weird power I carry with me all the time. When I open these, the reality is the truth I don’t want to believe. And when they are closed, it is a world I can’t reach.

9) Well, at last, a message for young photographers.

Your skills get better with time. You don’t need the most expensive camera to be a photographer. I use a mobile. That works perfectly for me. Observe and keep clicking what inspires you. Learn how to edit, but don’t go berserk with it. It ruins the simplicity and originality of pictures. Most importantly, Some moment is better lived than captured.

Shivani Tyagi, aka Shivornia, is doing some great job, and we appreciate it. Follow her on Instagram to get some beautiful pictures and words in your feed. <3

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