Why Don’t We Recommend You Any Oppo or Vivo Smartphone ?

Oppo and Vivo smartphones are not bad at all. But they are not value for money. The problem with Oppo and Vivo phones is the price which is higher than the other competitors.

Today if you go for a new mobile you will find that every Indian Mobile shop is filled with Vivo & Oppo adverts. Everywhere you will find these Chinese companies advertisements.

Why Don’t We Recommend You Any Oppo or Vivo Smartphone ?

If you inquire for a good phone, almost all time shopkeeper will suggest you Oppo/Vivo. The retailer at the shop gets a higher margin in selling Vivo/Oppo mobile than other brands, and that is why they promote and sells these mobiles.

If a person buys oppo or vivo phone, the 10–15% that you pay goes as a commission to the shopkeepers. It means you are paying that 10–15% extra from your pocket.

Why Don’t We Recommend You Any Oppo or Vivo Smartphone ?

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Oppo and Vivo smartphones are not bad at all. But they are not valued for money at all. I think the problem with Oppo and Vivo phones is the price to performance ratio that they have got. These two companies are from the same parent company. Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus are owned by the same company BBK Electronics from China.

Let’s look at some examples.


Oppo launched a smartphone Oppo F9 Pro with waterdrop notch and Helio P60 processor at 23,990 rupees. Recently Realme ( Realme was a sub-brand of Oppo, But now it is an independent company ) launched Realme 2 Pro with similar waterdrop notch and with Snapdragon 660 processor at just starting price of 13,990. If we compare both these smartphones, then the processor on the Realme is better than Oppo, and the cameras are also better on Realme. There are 8000 rupees price difference between the 6 GB ram variant of both these smartphones.

Why Don’t We Recommend You Any Oppo or Vivo Smartphone ?

Why should you pay 8000 more rupees when you are getting better specification at a lower price. Just because Oppo is spending a lot of money for the advertisement. If an Ex-Sub Brand of Oppo can offer the same spec at 8000 rupees lower, then it is clear that the extra money we are spending on the Oppo devices is just because of the advertising and marketing.

Now let’s talk about Vivo. Vivo V11 Pro, a new smartphone from the brand at the price of 25,990 rupees. With the Same Snapdragon 660 processor. Realme is offering this processor at 13,990 rupees. Xiaomi is offering this processor in one of the best smartphone Mi A2 at 16,999 rupees. Then why should you pay extra money for that? No doubt that Vivo V11 Pro comes with In-display fingerprint sensor, which is a new technology to unlock the smartphone. So if you want to unlock your smartphone in a futuristic way then pay extra money. Otherwise, Poco F1 with Snapdragon 845 flagship SOC is available at just 21,000 rupees. 4,000 less than what Vivo is pricing for the Snapdragon 660.


Oppo/Vivo smartphones are always in eye-catching glossy colours which looks good, but it’s plastic after all. It does not feel premium in hand.

Two years ago I purchased Redmi 3s Prime at rupees 8,999 rupees. One of my friends bought Oppo F1 plus smartphone somewhere near 20,000 rupees. I’m still using the device without any problem, and I’m getting the latest security updates while the fingerprint sensor of Oppo F1 plus had stopped working in just a year. Xiaomi offered better specification at half of the price.


ColorOS (with only colours) and FuntouchOS (no fun to touch) is their heavily skinned OS based on Android. They both look identical to each other, but they’re unprofessional mixing of Android and iOS. Both companies are known for poor software maintenance and updates, expect no significant Android upgrade because they don’t make one, once it’s Nougat, it always is Nougat. Still, they only roll out bug fixes and performance improvements to their phones; they only inject new software to their latest models.

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One of my friends purchased Oppo F5 Youth at 15k rupees. From cameras to the processor, nothing seems good on that device. I’ve compared it side by side with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro ( Price 15k ), and the difference was huge. Oppo is known as Selfie Expert, but the only megapixel is big in numbers on their smartphones, the picture quality is not good. I mean the picture looks good just because of higher brightness and saturation level, but there is a lack of details and sharpness.

These brand should stop wasting money on brand ambassadors; instead, they should give better specification at honest pricing. Every single brand, including Samsung ( Excluding Apple ! ), are making better devices, and they are continuously decreasing the price.

If one brand offers you a better device at a lower price, then why should you buy an Oppo or Vivo smartphone?

Oppo and Vivo are continuously trying to decrease the price and give a better product to us. But still, they need more improvements. One thing I like about these smartphones is the after-sale service. If you find any issue with these smartphones, you can go to the nearest mobile shop, and the problem will be fixed very soon.

Before visiting the nearest mobile shop, have a look at Flipkart and Amazon, maybe you’ll get more value for your money.

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