Expert In Stock Market Investments George Kobiashvili Visited Mumbai, India

Last weekend a great event took place in Mumbai, India. Popular expert and trainer in stock market investments George Kobiashvili visited Mumbai on his business trip. Well-known with his nickname on social media, especially on Instagram, George.kob organized a conference in a prestigious hotel Hyatt Regency Mumbai where he invited his local partners and social media followers to talk about Stock Market Investments and high Returns on Investment.

George.kob also invited his partners from Social Media management Company Reflecting Society Faraz Malik and Muzzammil Eshan as speakers who gave speeches about other topics such as Success Mindset and Social Media. One of the parts of the conference was devoted to the topic of travelling led by Travel blogger Marie Tiles. She talked about travelling tips and advises for making European and international trips easier and cheaper in the future.

The speech of George Kobiashvili

The speech of George.kob has put emphasis on the basics of investments, as well as the best companies to invest at the present time. His speech was divided into two general parts. The first one was dedicated to the importance of the diversification of the investments. George explained to the public that everyone needs to invest their capital in different shares to guarantee the safety of their investments. The other major part of the speech was about avoiding high-risk operations because according to him, it is possible to get high earnings with safer operations. He also gave a motivational speech on a success mindset explaining how to overcome obstacles and to keep going on in different situations, even not giving up in the cases of loss. Upgrading the mindset is key to the success. “If you don’t have a right mindset, your knowledge and information would be ineffective “ – George.kob.

The main reason for` George’s visit in Mumbai was to examine investing conditions and opportunities for a possible investment of 500 000 US dollars in India. George.kob is a stock market investor for more than 11 years. He started investing with 3.5K US dollars from the times of his bachelor studies. Until now he managed funds of 19 $ million. His main asset is knowledge about savings and investing. This is what he is teaching people around him. George elaborated an idea of how to become a millionaire. Actually this is a system he created for medium and lower-income families, which can become millionaires in 10 to 15 years period of time.

According to this system, there are a bunch of requirements and procedures to follow for achieving this goal. Nowadays India needs to attract the investors, expert trainers and masterminds like George, which can help India’s middle and low-income families to grow. The conferences and public events like this one can support India’s youth, also smaller and medium-sized businesses to become more competitive, to grow their possibilities and to strengthen their places on the market. But indeed, it is up to the central and state governments of India to organize that kind of events and invite investors to help India accelerate its growth and establish itself as a global player.

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