WATCH: Reminisce Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding video as couple celebrates six-year anniversary

On December 11, today, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are marking their sixth wedding anniversary. Vamika, their daughter, was born in 2021 after they were married in 2017.

The actress and the star cricket player shocked the nation six years ago when they revealed they had secretly wed in Tuscany. Anushka claimed that her quiet, private marriage was just a natural outgrowth of their personalities, even though it appeared strange for a famous couple that is often in the spotlight. She said, “We wanted to keep it genuine. We didn’t want it to be adulterated and touched by anything, which would remind us that we’re celebrities.”

Anushka Sharm also added during a previous interview that, “We were with our parents and our siblings, who’ve sacrificed so much for us, our closest friends, who’ve supported us through our worst. If we’d allowed it to become public in any way, we would be reminded of our public standing. We didn’t want that. We just wanted to be like two people in love. Never counted for who we were publicly when we fell in love. Our beings fell in love. We wanted to feel that purity at our wedding. That’s why we kept it so close to our hearts and kept it away from anything, which would make us think about anything other than us and the people who were part of this. It was surreal.”

Watch: The heartwarming video from Anushka’s marriage

Anushka has frequently been commended by Virat Kohli for improving him as a person. With his spouse by his side, he seemed to be able to handle all the strain and scrutiny. However, Anushka considers herself fortunate to be Virat’s wife since he is a committed father, a wonderful spouse, and a warrior.

Anushka has prioritised taking care of her family above pursuing her acting career. These days, very few films star her. Anushka frequently goes on Team India matches with Kohli. Moreover, the couple was recently seen on a vacation in London following the 2023 ODI World Cup.

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