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Meet Ganesh Vanare – The “HaramKhor” Photographer Of Mumbai

Ganesh Vanare Aka HaramKhor is a great photographer of Mumbai who loves to observe street and people of Mumbai. He has around 129K followers on his Instagram profile haram_khor_. He is an inspiration for many young photographers out there. Let’s talk with Haram Khor and know more about him.


Why are you passionate about Photography?

I love to capture photos, I love the streets of Mumbai, I love the people of Mumbai. I love to capture the expressions of people. Photography is a never-ending thing. A person can die but a photo can’t die. So my motive about photography is to explore, to discover something new every day and to create something new.


Have you completed any course or training in Photography?

No, I have not done any such courses. I learned photography with the help of Google and Youtube. Also, I learned Photography by exploring and practice.


Why did you choose “HARAMKHOR” as your username?

Because my father used to call me HARAMKHOR so I chose this word as my username.


How to capture Good Pictures?


See, I believe in my eyes. My eyes are the best camera for me. You can take beautiful pictures with your Mobile too, you don’t need a DSLR for it. Trust on your eyes and click the photo. That’s it.


Are you doing anything else besides Photography?

No, I was doing a job earlier but now I’m only focusing on Photography.


Many young people there who want to make their career in Photography but they are afraid of society and people. What you want to say about it.

Yes, You are right. There are many good young passionate photographers. In the journey of life, You have to face many challenges in your life. If you are following your passion then you must have to complete it. It is very important. So follow your passion and try to find a source of inspiration.


Which applications do you use for Photo Editing?

Snapseed and Lightroom


Your Favourite Photographers.

Vineet Vohra and AudiPhotography.


Tell me about that “PLANET OR PLASTIC” picture of Aishwarya Sharma.

I have taken this picture in Juhu. We are facing serious problems because of the heavy use of Plastics. So I captured this image so that I can spread awareness about the less use of Plastic and the people of Mumbai can know how much garbage is present in our city. #PlanetOrPlastic


A Message for Young Photographers.

Do whatever your heart tells you. Always follow your passion. Follow your dream of either photography or any other field. Make sure you work hard for your dream. You will find inspiration from all around just take care of yourself and keep working hard.

Follow HaramKhor on Instagram for Amazing Pics. – @haram_khor_


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