Some Mind Blowing facts about Mr Milkha Singh.

 Remarkable facts concerning MR. Milkha Singh

Throughout the communal riots that followed the Indo-Pak partition, Milkha lost his parents at a young age of twelve. it had been then he ran for his life and came to the Republic of India.


Some Mind Blowing facts about Mr Milkha Singh

Every day Milkha singh walks a distance of ten KM barefoot from his home to a village college in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

He wished to join the Indian Army, however he was rejected thrice. He ne’er gave up and got elite in his fourth try, when he had registered himself within the engineering department.

In 1951 he joined Secunderabad at the EME Centre. It had been there when his talent as an athlete was discovered.

Throughout his fatigue time (the time once the troopers performed odd jobs) he typically trained himself by sport against the meter gauge trains.


Some Mind Blowing facts about Mr Milkha Singh

 He used to spit blood, urinate blood and even go unconscious throughout his observation sessions. In fact, there have been times when he had to be supplied oxygen as he was on deathbed for over a handful of times.

His terribly 1st competition was a race, where Milkha finished sixth amongst five hundred racers.

Throughout the 1958 Asian Games, he won a gold medal for each 200m and 400m race with a duration time of 21.6 sec and 47 sec several times.

 At the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games, he won a gold medal in 400m with a duration time of 46.16 sec. It was here that Milkha became the to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games from the Republic of India.

Some Mind Blowing facts about Mr Milkha Singh

 After his unbeatable success in the 1958 Asian Games in Edo, his designation within the Army was modified to Junior military officer from a Sepoy.

Throughout the 1960 athletics in Rome, he finished second in the 400m race before the ultimate race. Sadly, Milkha lost the bronze within the final 1960 Olympic race by 0.1 seconds.

He became very widespread throughout the 1960 Rome athletics. The particular reason was his long beard and hair. Before Milkha,the Romans had not seen any contestant with such distinctive headgear. In fact, people in Rome were so fascinated by his headgear that they thought he was a saint and questioned how a saint managed to run so quickly.


Some Mind Blowing facts about Mr Milkha Singh

In 1962, Milkha Singh defeated Abdul Khaliq, quickest Pakistani runner and after that Ayub Khan pakistani general gave him the title of “The Flying Sikh” .

 In 1999, Milkha adopted the seven year son of brave Havildar Bikram Singh, who had died fighting within the battle of Tiger Hill throughout the Kargil War.

He sold-out his story to Mehra,the Producer and Director of ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, just for Re. 1.

Milkha claims that he had not watched any picture since 1968. But, once he saw “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag ” he was in tears and was happy that Farhan Akhtar did full justice in enjoying his character.

He was once caught on a train traveling without a price tag and was sent to Tihar Jail. He was free only when his sister sold-out off her jewellery to induce him to bail.

His last wish before he leaves this world is to see Indian boy or woman win an Olympic gold medal for the country.

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Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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