Meet Los Angeles-based writer, Swati Sharma, A native of Jaipur City

City First correspondent sits down to have a conversation with Los Angeles-based writer, Swati Sharma, a native of our very own Jaipur city.

How/when did you know you wanted to write?

Ive always been writing. At school, I was the kid always scribbling poems in her notebook and always taking writing assignments in English and Hindi classes way too seriously. I was lucky to find encouragement from my family, friends, and teachers (Thank you, Ms. Usha!) and decided to pursue it professionally.

Tells us a little bit about your journey.

I graduated from MGD here in Jaipur and then went to New York to study screenwriting at the School of Visual Arts. While at school, my poetry got published in an anthology called Feminists Dont Wear Pink and Other Lies in the U.K. This marked a stepping stone in my writing career.

What are you doing presently?

Currently, Im a writer at Brat TV, a media company that writes TV shows for Gen Z. Im also writing Hyphenan ensemble comedy-drama about the varied immigrant experiences in New York.

What’s next in your career?

Im going to continue writing fun shows at Brat TV and also polishing my writing samples to send out to literary agents. Im still young and this is all very new to me but Im excited and determined to make the most of what I love doing the most. Id love to write for TV and Film both in the U.S. and India – fingers crossed!

Rising screenwriter Swati Sharma is joining the writers team for Brat TV as a staff writer after a successful stint as a writer’s assistant in the room. Swati is a Jaipur native and a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has previously been featured in This Is Fine, a Sunday newsletter by Vice, and Feminists Dont Wear Pink and Other Lies by Penguin Random House U.K. She has previously worked on acclaimed documentaries like Citizen Hearst, Bernsteins walland American Veteran.Swati resides in L.A.

Its true what they say: hard work and creativity go hand in hand. One cant flourish without the other. Echoing this sentiment, a 22-year-old from Jaipur, Swati Sharma, is taking steps toward fulfilling her dreams of being a professional writer. Having been a regular in the poetry scene in New York while pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she now lives in Los Angeles, working at Brat TV, a Gen Z media giant. Swati has previously worked in unscripted television and held many internships throughout her time at college, which got her this momentous achievement, with many more opportunities awaiting. Kudos!

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