Meet Usman Rao: The CEO of Jelly143

Those who believe in themselves always succeed, no matter how many difficulties they have to face, Saharanpur’s young Usman Rao has done something similar. Meet Usman Rao, he is an entrepreneur and CEO of Jelly143.

The journey of Usman Rao

Usman Rao manages social media platforms. He has managed many celebrities and politics. He is also a blogger and YouTuber, writer. He dedicated hard work never-ending thrive to succeed led him when he used to stay at his father’s shop when he got 100 rs only. From his parents and today, this young digital marketer is making money in millions. Apart from this, he also has his expertise in promoting influencers on social media. Being at the peak of his career, Usman Rao ( Jelly143 ) has never feared to experiment with his works. “I think the decision to drop out of college and start my own company was the best thing that happened to me. I feel blessed that things have worked well in my favour and I hope to remain consistent with my work in future as well, he stated.

Saharanpur’s the first digital marketing expert Usman Rao and Illuminated the name of the entire district. Usman says with the advancement and changing trend digital and technically, How he started his company Jelly143 If you hold on to success, no one can stop you from succeeding. You fall again but don’t give up.

Usman Rao CEO of Jelly143

He said the same happened to me that whenever I thought of doing something big, I would give up in front of luck. But I continued to grow and today I became CEO of Jelly143 And became one of the youngest CEO of India. And he says that he is also getting offers from big companies.

Working with celebrities

Usman Rao has worked with many celebrities Let’s mention some of them here Baseer Ali from Roadies, Ankita Pathak from Roadies season 16, Shreyas Baramate from India’s Got Talent 2018, Santos Juvekar Marathi Actor, etc. The list is very long.


Usman had started his career sell a photo in 2014, Her first earning was 500 rupees and in 2014 he started digital marketing after that he started his Youtube channel “ij Team” in 2017 And open his company Jelly143 in 2019.

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