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Mahesh Mali is an engineering student who is also working with NGOs. He started blogging as an experiment, to see if his writing skills were good enough to attract the audience and soon writing became a part of his daily routine. To earn his pocket money he’s currently working as a freelance content writer at, where he shares tennis tips and being a former state champion of Tennis, he enjoys writing those. But he loves writing poetry more than anything and believes that poetry is the most effective way to express emotions And now he is going to publish his poetry collection “Reflections Of My Youth”. Let’s know more details about his debut book.


• When did you first realize you wanted to publish a book?

I can’t exactly recall, since when I wanted to publish a book, but it was always there in my mind. I have a list of 50 things I want to do in my life and publishing a book is one of them.

But I think it was the time when I started blogging and begin giving time to improve my writings, I made up my mind to start working to make it true. At that time, I thought my first book would be a Sci-Fi novel. But here I’m publishing my first book “Reflections of My Youth”, a poetry collection.


•Tell me about your book “Reflections Of My Youth”.

“Reflections of My Youth” is a collection of poetry about :

Love & Romance,
Heartbreak & Pain,
And the world.

It is split into three parts, each dealing with a different feeling.
Reflections of My Youth takes the readers on a journey to the different moments and revisits the various thoughts and emotions that one has in his/her youth.


• How long does it take you to write this book?

3 years. Because this book is consist of poems I’ve written in the past 3 years, a few of those poems were published on my blog too.


• What brought you to write this book?

I was contacted by two publishing houses this year. They praised my work and told me that they want to publish my poems. But on later stages, they started asking me to pay money to get published. That’s when I started thinking that instead of paying them to publish it, I should go for the self-publishing.


• How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason each poetry?

I used to write short stories and poems when I was in school, but eventually, I lost touch with that, after completion of my diploma, I decided to start writing again and that’s how I become a blogger too…

About poetry, as I said earlier, I haven’t written all poems solely for this book, those were written a long ago and there’s a story behind each poem. Some of them were so full of personal references that I’d to rewrite them for the book.


• Tell me about the Youth inside You.

Youth inside me wants to try a hand at everything, that’s why you’ll find me doing completely different things every time, from playing tennis to writing articles about it on sports websites, from being a part of the art circle to be the captain of E-Baja team. You can see me experimenting with various types of writings on my blog too.

The youth inside me also have a soft heart and it wrenches me from within when I see people struggling for basic things, and that’s why I have started working with NGOs and planning to start my own in future.


• How hard is it to convert your feelings into words?

If I have to express those feelings in the form of poetry, it’s not hard at all. All you have to do is to write the first line and you’ll end up leaving the permanent shadows of those feelings.

For me, it is a way harder if I try to write them in simple prose, be it a letter, a text or any other form. Because I think it is hard to convey the depth of emotions in plain words.


• Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Sometimes, young writers like us, have a tendency to wipe the whole slate clean, thinking about what we have written is not good enough and it becomes a habit, even I’ve left four stories unfinished, believe me, it is not a good thing to do, you close the file, you box the work of weeks (sometimes months) and you become pageless. If you know you’re better than it, give it another short, no one has ever written a masterpiece in one go, so finish what you have started.

Never give up on your ideas.


• From where can one purchase this book? And When ?

It will be available on e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. on 21st December.

I can’t tell you the price, but, here’s a chance for Youthistaan’s readers to win a free copy! So guess the price of this book and drop a  message on his Instagram or Facebook Account.

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