Best Adventure Activities To Do In Leh Ladakh

Holidaying at the “Roof of the World” by itself is an enjoyable adventure. There are numbers of best adventure activities to do in Leh Ladakh. Exploring the scenic terrain of Ladakh on motorbikes and mountain bikes allow you to cover a large expanse of the landscape. Guided Safaris through the region are ideal for casual travelers looking to enjoy their tour in a comfortable and safe manner. Thrill seekers however do get to indulge in mountaineering, trekking/hiking and river rafting in this extremely picturesque setting.



Exploring leh on a heavy bike makes you quite mighty and powerful, yet humble as you are but a speck on the roof of the world! Tried and tested biking routes take you through breathtaking high-altitude passes like Taglang La, Lachalung La and others such as Khardung La and Masimik La, reportedly highest in the world. Though thrilling, bike rides in Ladakh need you to be in best of physical health and highly alert to meet the challenges you may need to face. Routes leading from Leh to Alchi and Hemis are quite popular, so is the visit to Khardung La. Difficulty levels are bound to vary though.



Professional mountain bikers can put their skills to test in this rocky terrain. Rugged tracks through the hilly terrain takes riders through some of the most scenic routes. Some of them forested, yet others barren, with a possibility of sighting birds and wildlife as they explore the place. Cyclers have several routes to choose from, Khardung La, of course, being the most tempting challenge. Cycling along the course of major rivers such as Zanskar or Indus, making a trip to monasteries perched on hilltops, or plunging down to valleys like Nubra, picture postcard settings are aplenty. Getting on and off the motorable stretches of road is bound to keep you in high spirits.



Ladakh is a haven for both seasoned and novice hikers and trekkers who love to explore the terrain on foot. Scenic trails of different difficulties make it easy for travelers to opt for a suitable one that best suits their interests and fitness levels. Zanskar, Nubra Valley, Stok Kangri, Padum-Hemis, Markha Valley, Sham Valley are popular hiking/trekking destinations. Treks to the different lakes such as Tsomoriri are quite appealing as well.



Outdoor camping feels close to nature. While camping on long-distance hikes and treks is an integral part of the tour, you can opt to camp overnight at the Hemis National Park. So you can experience the thrill of it. Sightseeing tours to the scenic locales of Spiti, Nubra, Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri and high altitude monasteries such as Thiksey usually include outdoor camping as well. There are several approved camping sites to choose from. You can bond with members of the travel group, sit around a bonfire and gaze at the night sky dotted with stars, yet being always cautious about what surprises lie hidden in the dark!



Ladakh bounded by the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges is an ideal destination for a tryst with the tall craggy mountains. Mountaineers often hope to scale a few summits here as the some of these peaks do not demand expert-level mountaineering skills. Kang Yatse, Stok Kangri, Nun-kun, Chamser, and Lungser Kangri peaks and several other draw mountain climbers. Amateurs can settle for a bout of rock climbing organized at the camping sites.



Keeping pace with the white waters of the Zanskar and Indus rivers will prove a breathtaking experience. It is important that you know how to swim, even if you have a life-jacket on, though tackling the gushing waters will be tough. There are stretches of the rivers which are quite calm and ideal for tourists to soak in the mountains. Adventurists, however, can choose to negotiate dangerous rapids in the Zanskar valley.



A guided safari is the most comfortable, enjoyable and relatively safe way to explore unknown terrain. It is an ideal option, especially when traveling as a group or even otherwise as you may get to make new friends during the tour. You may opt for a Jeep safari, Camel safari or even a horseback ride through the picturesque landscape.  Stop to watch wildlife and birds in the natural environment and take a closer look at the local lifestyle.

There are several Ladakh jeep safari tour packages organized by travel companies and tour operators that take visitors to touristy locales of the land. Such like the Pangong / Tso Moriri Lakes and the beautiful valleys of Nubra, Zanskar, Suru and others. The road trip from Srinagar or Manali to Leh by itself is a pleasure.

Camel Safaris are popular in Nubra Valley, where traveling on the double-humped Bactrian Camels is the one-of-kind experience. The inhospitable yet spectacular region of Changthang bordering China is best explored on horseback!



Ladakh has the highest population of Snow Leopards in the world. It is the best place for you to spot one if you are interested. The Snow Leopard trek trail running through Rumbak and Markha Valley. The natural habitat of these elusive creatures offers you a unique opportunity to sight several native wildlife species. Like Bharal, Shapu, Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Tibetan Sheep. Also local birds including the impressive birds of prey : Himalayan Vulture and the Golden Eagle.


Sports enthusiasts can try their hand Ice Hockey, Polo, Archery. Even participate in Marathon races or the bike or car expeditions to Ladakh. Quad Biking is yet another popular sport in the sand dunes of the high-altitude desert at Nubra Valley. Bikes help cover vast expanses of the desert in a fun and comfortable manner.

Adventure need not always be something risky. Even opting for one of the Ladakh jeep safari tour packages could prove an exciting adventure that opens up new vistas filled with stunning panoramas at each and every turn of the road! Be prepared to tackle high-altitude sickness to fully enjoy your visit and acclimatize before exploring high(er)-altitude destinations!

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