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Glorious democracy hiding in the resort

India is the mother of democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said this many times. In this sense, it can be said that India’s democracy is something to be proud of. But the plight of this democracy today is also visible from time to time. In parliamentary proceedings, in the annual elections, in the strategies to eliminate the opposition as a known enemy, in the use of central agencies, in the silence of constitutional institutions, in the coverage of committed media, you can see the plight of Indian democracy anywhere. Huh. But the most amazing example of this is seen when the Rajya Sabha elections come. In the Rajya Sabha elections, when anti-BJP parties hide their MLAs in five-star hotels or resorts, the ugliness of India’s glorious democracy is evident, which cannot even be imagined in any civilized society.

Usually it is publicized and ridiculed as the weakness of the opposition parties. Their helplessness is ridiculed. But is this whole episode really only related to the weakness or compulsion of the opposition parties? If today Congress is hiding MLAs from Rajasthan and Haryana in resorts or Shiv Sena is barricading its MLAs by taking them to five star hotels, is it just their weakness? No it’s not like that at all? This is the weakness of India’s democracy. Just as a common citizen keeps his valuables out of sight to protect his valuables from thieves and robbers, similarly if the opposition parties have to keep their MLAs hidden from the eyes of the BJP, then it is on BJP’s politics. There is a bigger question. If the fear of Gabbar Singh is shown to silence the crying child at night 50-50 kos away, then it is not the weakness of the crying child or his mother silencing him, but the terror of Gabbar Singh, on which more There should be discussion.

Today, if Congress and Shiv Sena MLAs are hiding, then it is because of the fear of BJP. Only then, instead of making fun of Congress and Shiv Sena or ridiculing their helplessness, there is a need to consider the fear created by BJP. The real threat to democracy is not that an opposition party is weakened and has to hide in hotels or resorts to keep its MLAs united. The real danger is that a party has become all-powerful, which has no hesitation in bringing MLAs, MPs or leaders of opposition parties to its side at any cost. It is neither concerned about its own ideology nor the ideology, background or political history of the leaders who have left the other party. It is certainly a time for introspection for parties like Congress and Shiv Sena, which are barricading their MLAs.

They should think on what kind of politics they are doing, why their ideology has become so weak that it is not able to keep anyone tied or how their organization has become so weak that no one sees their future in it. Is. But more than that, the BJP needs to introspect that why is it necessary for it to eliminate the opposition at any cost? Is opposition not necessary for the strength of democracy? Right now the Prime Minister himself has said that he wants to have a strong opposition in the country, then why is there an attempt to eliminate the opposition?

These days every person is making a joke that Hardik Patel kept abusing BJP for three years and today he has gone to the shelter of the same BJP. When Hardik joined the Congress, he had made many tweets against the BJP. He had written that if a traitor in the morning goes to BJP in the evening, he becomes a patriot. He had also written that if you want to stay in BJP then you have to be Amit Shah’s shoes. They are being made fun of about it. But this thing also needs to be seen in another way. They must have had some compulsion, due to which they went to the BJP, but what is the compulsion of the BJP, which it took them?

The BJP will also have some compulsion, which it has taken such a strong opponent, against whom the BJP government itself has done many types of cases including sedition, in its party! The real thought needs to be done on that compulsion of the BJP. After all, what is her compulsion that she is also including a leader standing at the very other ideological end in her party? The loss in personal integrity and commitment of leaders is itself a matter of concern. But why is the BJP welcoming every leader who is ready to switch sides by extending its arms, that is the big question.

The answer to this question will be found only then a way will be found to deal with the challenges before the glorious democracy of India. If the ideological and organizational weakness of the opposition parties is a threat to democracy, then the continuous weakening of the ideological insistence of the BJP, which claims to be the largest party in the country and the world, and sabotage any party for its strength, The greater threat to democracy is to topple an elected government or to be ready to take any step to induct a party person into its party or to win every election.

This is not only the time for the idea of ​​democracy to reach the era of emptiness, but it is also the time for democracy to turn into a lathi system. This is the time of democracy for whose stick. BJP has the power, all the central agencies and constitutional institutions, there is a thinking to use them without hesitation, there are resources (Keep in mind that the balance sheet of BJP last year is about five thousand crore rupees), then democracy also belongs to him. In such a situation, if the opposition parties have been hiding their MLAs, then why blame only them!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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