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The young man opened a shop named ‘M Bewafa Chaiwala’ to tease his ex-girlfriend; Everyone was surprised to know the secret behind ‘M’… – The Fact

Till now you must have heard a lot of news of those who take wrong steps after getting cheated in love, but today we are going to introduce you to such a heart, who has done wonders. Which has now become a topic of discussion. Which you will be forced to think even after reading.

In fact, in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Diljale Aashiq opened a tea shop at the Khilchipur Nagar bus stand, named ‘M Bewafa Chaiwala’. Named with the letter ‘M’ because the name of the young man’s ex-girlfriend starts with ‘M’. The young man has kept this name to tease his ex-girlfriend and attract customers.

You will be surprised to know… that at ‘M Bewafa Chaiwala’ shop, cheated in love people get cheap tea at the shop. While the price of tea doubles on seeing the couple. Customers are liking the name of the shop and the tea of ​​the shop too. Tea is available at the shop for 5 and 10 rupees. The price of tea is Rs 10 for lovers and Rs 5 is being offered on tea for lovers.

This shop is located at Khilchipur bus stand of Rajgarh. Whose operator is Antar Gurjar. Antar is a student of BA final. Along with studies, he is also running a tea stall. There is also a tag line of the tea shop of difference. On which it is written- “She could not be mine even after asking in thousands of prayers and one lucky person made her his own without asking.”

When asked the reason for naming the shop M Bewafa Chaiwala, he gets emotional and narrates his whole story. Antar told that 5 years ago he met a girl who had come to the wedding ceremony. The girl had come for a relative’s wedding. After the first meeting, both of them became friends. Both of them shared each other’s mobile number and then the process of conversation went on for about one and a half year on mobile. This conversation turned into love. But the girl got engaged to someone else. Due to which his heart broke.

Antar told that when his heart was broken, he did not feel like doing any work. Started being sad. The first letter of his name was also written on the hand and chest with the blade. One day I felt like dying. What to do while living, when the same is not there for which I had to live. My friend explained to me what will happen if I die. You showed him by doing something. Till now 1.5 years had passed since Pyaar Se Dhokha Miley. I took courage and opened the tea-stall. When I stood in front of the shop, I remembered his words. Told that whenever opening the shop, open it in my name. Keeping this in mind, I named my shop M Bewafa Chai Wala.


Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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