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Wonderful yet tragic tales! think, self centered, selfish, In the wisdom of the possessive Homo sapiens, what is it that the two basic elements of hunger and fear become the proprietary nature of man. He became the ashes of the future of both himself and the earth. … the primary nature of man is self-centred, selfish andmereness’ is of. As hunger in him, aThe longing for ownership increased as soon as security was created. Family again in the circle of this, clan, clan kinship, Early society became the fabric of creation and collective tendencies of security and self-interest.

Judgment Estuary-23: What is the attitude of modern man to the earth? It’s like he owns it! He has got God to write a belt of earth in his name. So he will use the earth as he pleases. The earth is his right. He is hostage. He can sell it or exploit it as much as he wants! The question is, how did this proprietary tendency come about in Homo sapiens? How did the possessive nature grow so much in the DNA of man? Wherever you look, why is man running after possessive, authoritarian goals? The answer is not easy. This chimpanzee and human biological composition is derived from the basic instincts of the DNA of the skull’s nerves. We humans, have grown from the primate stage in the cradle of the innate brain mold. There is not much difference between then and now. The first cry of a child is of hunger. The second is in the safety of the mother’s lap. And the third cry of a child is for his toys. Where the child is born in the care of his concern, the nature of ownership including hunger, security is predetermined in his intellect.

child born positive

A Homo sapien child shows a possessive nature within a few months of birth. From 19 months after birth, the DNA of ownership in the child’s brain makes him stubborn to his toys. According to a study by psychologists, at the age of 19 months, the child starts expressing the right of ownership in lisp words. Between 18 and 24 months, babies start speaking possessive words of ‘me’ or ‘your’. This process continues till the age of fifteen. If there are brothers and sisters, then there will be a fight between you and me. From toys and food to the fact that first I will read the book of Harry Potter or I want that thing.

This is evidence of the tendency of DNAgenic innate ownership. There is a slight difference due to upbringing and environment. An American child who is self-centered will be more fussy, while a Japanese or Indian child may share toys. But in such cultural difference, further mystery of human behavior is found that adults in individualistic settlements and enclosures do more by earning, storing and sharing wealth and charity.

Fat primates and Homo sapiens have skulls of possessive behavior. Everyone would like to be the master, the master. First he wants to own himself in personal needs. In this, the biological need of hunger, filling and sex is paramount. Male or female, he will be hungry for ownership in his relationship. Like the experiences of chimpanzees, the history of Homo sapiens does not necessarily consider when, how, what ideas emerged in the relationship between male and female, of freedom and ownership. How the idea of ​​husband, wife, children, family progressed in gradual development. It should be noted that human family, like chimpanzee enclosures, is a form of family attachment possessiveness, ownership.

reason for stories

In reality, through family, tribe, clan, caste, where man makes a jugaad of security out of fear, he gets the fulfillment of proprietary hunger in both personal and group life. He is happy to own it. He is recognized in the village. It can be believed that man is the proprietor of happiness, contentment and the catalytic cause of his feelings and thoughts of happiness. In the race for ownership, man needs land, area, number of people and resources. In it, the memory of achievements of family, caste, society, country is formed through victory and expansion. Stories are made. Only then guess how and how much role the battles caused by proprietary instincts have played in the stories and history of man!

Therefore, believe it or not, the existence of 195 countries on earth at present is the result of the hunger, protection and proprietary attitudes of humans from the time of primates stage. The basic DNA of the skull has created the psychology of the individual’s ego, the hunger of the tribes, the countries, the possessive hunger and victory in it, the ego and the ego in his pride. The formation of human culture and civilizations is basically the result of possessive tendencies. After this, further justifications have been made in humans to tell themselves special, different. Different lifestyles have been created!

What is life style? The answer is the systems and modes of specific behavior and thought in possessive attitudes! Men are also seeking rights over women and women also want rights over men. Keep in mind that in spite of all the extremes, even chimpanzees do not like that a woman becomes married to a man. Be it Valentine’s Day or live-in relationship, every modern cohabitant keeps an eye on whether he is mine or not! Is it mine or not? No matter how complex the social structure has been made by man in his enclosures, but the whole matter is determined by the individual’s personal care, his proprietary behavior. Tens of thousands of emotions get activated as soon as there is a threat of danger or breach of ownership. If there are individualistic actions such as jealousy, growling, abusing, fighting, stalking or chasing (like chimpanzees), madness, psychopathy, then collectively, a network of brain retaliation sticks, tools and systems or war, great war!

Fear, seeking ownership in insecurities

No doubt the human nature of possessiveness is fueled by feelings of attachment, anxiety and insecurities. Ownership is a sign of disorder in the personality of both the individual and the group and also the cause of violence. But yes, it is a question like an egg or a chicken, whether the proprietary DNA of the brain made humans violent or the predatory DNA of animals created proprietary hunger?

These stories do not mean that God made a cultured pair of male and female and sent them to earth. Anthropology and science have made documentary evidence of the development of human civilization. He is sequentially stating the truth that Homo sapiens, like chimpanzees, also searched for food in the forest. Used to hunt He lived in fear of other animals. But when Homo sapien came to know about ‘tools’ (stone-fire) and their ‘use’, he started killing animals with stones. He found tools of protection and food.

This gradually expanded the experience and thoughts in the human mind. Hearts and minds began to spread. The desire grew. He not only spread the earth in search of food, but also hunted with biological hunger, began to fight for sex. The DNA of animals kept on spreading. On the one hand, animal DNA, instincts, disposition, and on the other hand, curiosity, environment and experience began to select the memory of the brain. The selection from the experience-environment created beliefs, traditions and customs in the mind. Permanent ideas of food, sex and settlement started taking shape in the mind. In the thoughts of the self-centred ego, the person began to seek permanent partners, permanent relationships for sex-lust.

Then the systems of ‘family’, clan, tola were formed in monopoly, ownership. This is mine, that is your behavior by the system itself. In this sequence, gradually, in my house, in my locality, in my area, other tribes, ideas of what is the work of the people of other tribes, identities, cultures were formed! Violence and fighting ensued.

The subconscious that drives all this is permanent. The subconscious of hunger, fear and personal concern for security. My need, my family’s (then clan, clan, society, race, religion, country’s enclosure) from the power whirlwinds of nano CPUs, after millennia of successively becoming thunderstorms, storms, are now cyclones, from which the DNA of hunger and fear where While global dimensions have been attained, human society and the earth are all doomed to the climax of hunger and ownership. The by-products of these two attitudes are ego, greed, possessiveness, ownership, subjugation, slavery, competition, politics, fighting, weapons, war including stories that bind human beings, whose whole story is of hunger, fear, ownership-proprietary ego. It is repeated over and over again. With new characters and experiences.

Wonderful yet tragic tales! think, self centered, selfish, In the wisdom of the possessive Homo sapiens, what is it that the two basic elements of hunger and fear become the proprietary nature of man. He became the ashes of the future of both himself and the earth.

Many studies have been done and sometimes you also see the behavior of chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos species of monkeys and langurs. Every living being will stay in the group of his group because he believes in the boundary wall and security in the clan because of fear. If you release the cracker, all the monkeys will immediately run away and hide, sticking to their children and family. If you make a monkey sit and feed him fruits, then no matter how much his stomach gets filled, he will continue to take everything in greed. His hunger will be endless. He will allow food to be distributed in his own group but not among the other group’s monkeys. The mutual growling, mutual violence in the appetite of chimpanzees and humans is a rare thing in other animals. The king of the jungle (lion) hunts but leaves him as soon as he is full. Other animals and birds eat it. He will not drive them away. Later, when he is hungry, he will take another prey. The lion king of the jungle is neither greedy nor greedy, nor does he lead a fearful, possessive life. Lions and their herds do not fight with each other. do not kill each other, whereas mutual violence is an instinct in the DNA of chimpanzees and humans. They fight with each other. kill each other and have been cannibals.

primary nature self-centred

Obviously, when the mind of man opened, he was fluttering first in hunger-fear-safety. If he got the power of stone, then it was also used for self-interest, personal protection. In the primates stage, he did not even have a tendency to drown and die with the family, not far from the collective community. It is said that if the monkey is drowning, then he will keep the child glued till the water comes on his head, but as soon as it comes to his own drowning, then he leaves the child and starts stroking for his rescue.

So, the primary nature of man is self-centred, selfish and ‘merely’. As hunger, insecurity increased in him, the desire for ownership increased. In this cycle, the family, clan, clan kinship again became the fabric of the early social formation and the collective tendencies of security and selfishness were formed. ‘I’ is different from the rest of the animals, I have stones, tools, intelligence, that’s why I am mighty, brave hunter and master of so many children, so many women, so many animals! Obviously, whether the nature of man’s nature’s proprietary tendency is small or big, it is permanent in the skull of Homo sapien, while arrogance and fights are the root cause.

The attitude of ‘I’ and my proprietor is innate and hereditary. It is possible to have more or less proportion with experiences and surroundings but it is necessary to be there.

In the known history of four-five thousand years, the most thought has been given in philosophy, religion, spirituality about the proprietary behavior and ego of man. Stones, arrowheads and intelligence made Homo sapiens the first animal possession. When he started tying and rearing animals, this also increased the possessive nature. He then started capturing humans also, making them slaves. Started using them as tools. This created the fibers of ego in the mind. The arrogant man made new tools of power while rearing cattle and slaves. Before this, he had made a memory of living as a family-klan-tribe enclosure and fighting with other tribes, subjugating their women and children, enslaved people or fighting, winning and losing.

Overall, the gradual development of the possessive attitude is the number one bad and orgy experience in the known history of human civilization. In this, all the achievements of man’s achievements, achievements, development got reduced. The question became a question whether man is evil or good from the beginning? From this, the further question is that if man had not got the stone aka power, then would he have become such a wicked master who would have made a game of destruction of the earth? (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

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