Zelensky furious over Russian genocide

Kyiv. Ukraine’s President Voldimir Zelensky has sharply commented on the killing of Ukrainian civilians by Russian forces in two cities adjacent to Kyiv – Bucha and Sumy. Zelensky called it a genocide and said that the chances of peace talks have now diminished. President Zelensky addressed the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday and launched a scathing attack on Russia, saying the attitude of the Russian military was like that of terrorists.

Meanwhile, Zelensky left the capital Kyiv after the retreat of the Russian army and saw bodies scattered on the streets. Zelensky also expressed displeasure with the countries of the West and said that people’s lives could have been saved if they had helped in time. US President Joe Biden has once again called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal and demanded a trial after information emerged about the shooting of innocent people in Bucha. Earlier, Zelensky expressed his displeasure with the leaders of Western countries and said – we needed military assistance. If we had received military aid earlier, we could have saved thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the mayor and his family were found in the Ukrainian city of Motizhin. A total of five bodies were found there along with Mayor, her husband and son. Everyone’s hands were tied behind. Mykolaiv’s mayor Senkevich said the Russian attack on the city a day earlier killed 10 people and injured 46. After the Ukrainian city of Bucha, bodies of civilians have also been found in Sumy. The governor there said that these civilians were tortured before being killed.

After the Bucha massacre, the United States urged the United Nations to pull Russia out of the UNHRC. America has reacted sharply after the Bucha massacre. President Joe Biden has once again called for the prosecution of Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a war criminal. Biden said – what happened in Bucha is terrible and everyone has seen it. Meanwhile, there is news that by the end of this week, the US will give a security aid package of $ 800 million to Ukraine.

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