Rajapaksa government lost majority

Colombo, Amidst the horrific economic crisis going on in Sri Lanka, now a political crisis has also arisen. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government has lost a majority in parliament. News agency ‘Reuters’ has reported that proceedings began in the Sri Lankan Parliament on Tuesday amid the emergency imposed in the country. In view of public anger against the Rajapaksa family, around 41 MPs withdrew from the alliance.

After this, the opposition demanded the resignation of President Gotabaya over Sri Lanka’s economic crisis and the government’s failure. But Gotabaya Rajapaksa refused to resign, saying he would not step down as Sri Lanka’s president. However, he also said that he is ready to hand over the government to any party that proves a majority of 113 seats in Parliament. Earlier, opposition MPs had turned down Rajapaksa’s proposal to form a common government. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has become so deep that Sri Lanka has closed its embassies in many countries including Australia, Iraq.

Meanwhile, in another development, the country’s new Finance Minister Ali Sabri resigned within 24 hours of taking oath. He took oath on Monday along with three other ministers. President Rajapaksa made him the Finance Minister in place of his brother. Significantly, due to the shortage of essential commodities, emergency has been imposed in Sri Lanka. Now the news is that there is a huge shortage of medicine in the country. After this, a public health emergency has been declared in the country.

The imposition of health emergency means that now only emergency cases will be given priority in the health facilities of the country. It is being told that if the current economic crisis continues, then the shortage of medicines will reach a very serious condition. Meanwhile, people angry with the government are protesting violently. The Sri Lankan police have warned these protesters not to break the law. Police is arresting the protesters on the basis of CCTV footage.

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