US Top Navy Officer: History will be created in the US Navy, which Biden entrusted with ‘Lisa Franchetti’

Washington. US President Joe Biden has nominated Admiral Lisa Franchetti for the post, deciding to hand over the command of the Navy to a woman for the first time. According to a BBC report, “US President Joe Biden has selected Admiral Lisa Franchetti as the Navy’s top officer. This is a historic appointment that will make her the first woman in the history of the US Navy to hold this position and the first woman to hold the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” Lisa Franchetti is the US Sixth Fleet in South Korea and former Chief of Naval Forces of the US.

He has also served as the Aircraft Carrier Strike Commander. His nomination from Biden still has to be confirmed by the US Senate. Meanwhile a lawmaker is currently blocking the Senate from confirming military leaders for opposing military abortion policy. If confirmed as Chief of Naval Operations, she would be the first woman to become a member of the elite group of senior military officers who become the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Franchetti (38) is not only experienced but also only the second woman to hold the four-star admiral rank. In a statement, Biden appreciated his (Franchetti’s) “extensive expertise in both operational and policy areas”. She added that once she is confirmed for the role, she will be “creating history again”. According to US media reports, Admiral Franchetti was not the first choice of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who instead recommended Topgun graduate Samuel Paparoa as the next Chief of the Naval Staff.

Biden also promoted Admiral Paparoa and nominated him to be Commander of US Military Forces in the Pacific. The US Coast Guard is currently led by a woman, Admiral Linda Fagan, but that military branch comes under the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Department of Defense. Admiral Franchetti will take up the position in the autumn, at the end of the current chief’s four-year term.

But she will begin as acting premier because it is unlikely she will be confirmed soon by a divided Senate. Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is currently blocking the Senate from confirming more than 270 military promotions over a Pentagon policy that pays travel expenses for service members who have to go out of state to get abortions. In his statement, Biden criticized Senator Tuberville, saying, “What Senator Tuberville is doing is not only wrong but also dangerous.” “He is putting at risk our ability to ensure that the US Armed Forces remain the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. His Republican colleagues in the Senate know it.”

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