Yash Barot: The Youngest Writer-Director in Mumbai

On 9th Feb ’20 Yash Barot (YB) won the title of Best Director & Best Play with Prachi Mehta (PM). PM continues to be by his side through thick & thin, four years & counting. He expressed his gratitude to PM because working in an industry where the dark underbelly mandates a person to pull everyone down for personal glory; it takes a heart of gold & balls of iron to support a friend.

“I am not doing cliche”, is paradoxically, a cliche now.

The Journey of Yash Barot (YB)

YB started directing one-act plays in 2015 & when he started working with Zee TV in 2018, he took a break from theatre and came back with a bang. YB and PM wrote this play while YB was working on the project “Zee Rishtey Awards 2019” And while he had started his schedule for “Zee CINE Awards 2020” he had to juggle things simultaneously. As a Creative Producer, he used to go for the Edits of Zee Rishtey Awards, and then I use to Jam for Zee CINE Awards in the evening and the day wasn’t over yet. He then had to run again to the rehearsal place. It was hectic & a real struggle but all has always been worth it when you enjoy what you do.

They participated in a competition called Abhivyakti Ekankika (one-act) Natya Spardha 2020. 2 years ago YB had directed a street play involving all the Kutchi Housewives in the team. With hard work, dreams, passion & a vision, they won the 1st position all over the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Yash Barot: The Youngest Writer-Director in Mumbai

He was the youngest Writer-Director from all the numerous teams that participated. This play exploring the idea of “what if humans lose their feelings one day?”, was not only lauded with Best Director & Best play but also Best Actor & Best Actress.

Even with these feathers already added to his cap, YB says there are miles to go before we sleep & is now working on a new project called “Blue”. Blue is a student film that we are working on. It is a 30-minute short film, in the drama genre. It talks about various issues faced by young adults in their everyday life. From problems at home to relationships, grades and parties. It sums up the mindset of the youngsters and the personal issues they deal with, and we evolve with the characters in the film as they learn certain values and make certain decisions in their lives.

To wrap up, YB expresses his gratitude the organisers, Kutch Yuvak Borivali Dahisar Shaakha & Paresh Vora for being a constant support.

Written By: Palak Modi

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