Sandeep Poonia Is Not Just Your Regular Teenager

Entrepreneur Sandeep Poonia has reached moons with his sensation digital strategies and extraordinary content. He is the founder of TheRoflIndian and Many Apps and websites. Other than Entrepreneurship, he’s a Btech student studying in Pilani, Rajasthan.
Currently, he is living in Delhi, India.

“Sandeep Poonia earned more than $14,000 through social media and his apps at the age of 19.”

With his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies has helped many top brands in promotional campaigns.

He always wanted to do something different in his life. During his school days, he was deeply devoted towards analyzing social media trends and evolving digital market.

Sandeep Poonia has handled many Instagram pages before
and many more.

He is one of those personalities on social media who is loved widely and fans completely adore him for all the things that he has achieved at such a tender age.

You can follow him on Instagram @_oyesam

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