Will join Taiwan like Hong Kong: Jinping

Beijing, The five-year party congress of the Communist Party of China has begun. On the first day on Sunday, President Xi Jinping made a big statement about Taiwan. Giving the example of Hong Kong, he said that China has complete control over it and China is also determined about Taiwan. Xi Jinping is likely to be elected general secretary of the party for the third time after a week-long party congress. For this, the rule of becoming President not more than twice will also be changed.

However, speaking in front of party delegates at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on the first day of the party congress on Sunday, Xi Jinping said – we have gained complete control of Hong Kong. Further, he said – We are determined about Taiwan. Xi said- Foreign powers are interfering in Taiwan. We will not tolerate it. So far we have given a befitting reply to the intervention. He said- Taiwan issue is our internal matter. We will find a solution for this. We want to resolve this honestly and peacefully, but will not stop using force. We will take all possible steps to solve it. Referring to Hong Kong, he said – the situation in Hong Kong has changed from anarchy to governance.

In a veiled warning to the US and other countries, he called on the United States and other countries to firmly oppose any unilateralism, protectionism and bullying. He said- We are promoting the creation of a new type of international relationship, which will play an active role in reforming and building the global governance system. He said that a new field of Chinese Marxism is to open in the coming days.

He mentioned Taiwan several times in his speech. He said- China has waged a great struggle against Taiwan’s separatism and we are determined and able to oppose territorial integrity. It is being told that the party Congress started with the report of the work of the last five years and the policy direction for the next five years. However, there is nothing new in this and even if it is, the world will not know. It is believed that everything is going according to the plan for the 69-year-old Jinping. He is consolidating his position as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. After a week’s meeting, Xi Jinping’s name will be confirmed again as the party’s general secretary.

Taiwan protested

Taiwan has reacted sharply to the words of Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding Taiwan. Taiwan has said that it will not remain silent. It is worth noting that the President of China has spoken of annexing Taiwan to China like Hong Kong. On this, Taiwan has said – If any step is taken from China’s side, then we will not sit silent. Taiwan’s sovereignty, democracy and independence will not be compromised.

In a statement issued by the Taiwan President’s Office, it was said – Our point of view is very clear. Taiwan’s independence, democracy and sovereignty will not be compromised. War is not a solution to any issue. This is the thinking of our citizens. We are keeping a close eye on what is going on in China.

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