Huge disorder of ‘state honor’ of ‘Netaji’!

Many big leaders of the country, Chief Minister, Industry and film personalities and millions of people’Netaji’ Reached Saifai to pay tribute to him. But due to the great chaos, he was very upset. All the leaders of the scuffle were victims. Many also suffered injuries. It must be assumed that there must have been no animosity behind this disorder. So Yogiji should get the whole matter investigated.

Social media was flooded with condolence messages on the demise of Samajwadi Party founder, former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. His last government was declared in his village Saifai (Etawa) by the Yogi government with full state honors. In this sequence, the Uttar Pradesh government also declared three days of state mourning. His last rites were performed in Saifai on Tuesday. Information about the arrival of many Chief Ministers, leaders and Union Ministers from across the country to Saifai also came in time. Among the people who reached there were many ministers of Uttar Pradesh government, big personalities of film and industry. But the chaos that all of them have to face has raised questions about the intention of the Yogi government and the administration. Keep in mind that Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, a minister in the central government, broke her hand in a scuffle.

State honors are announced by the Chief Minister of the respective state only after consultation with his senior cabinet colleagues. After taking the decision, it is informed to all the officers including the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of that district through the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police. So that they can make necessary arrangements for the state funeral.

During the funeral with state honours, the body is draped in the tricolour, full military honours, playing of ‘condolence music’ by the military band followed by gun salute etc. Along with this, it is a huge responsibility to make proper security, law and order at the funeral site. It is a part of this arrangement to make arrangements for the VIPs attending the funeral to be separated from the crowd. Including providing appropriate protocols for all these VIPs. The very distinguished people sitting in this pandal stay there till the cremation is completed. At the end of the ceremony, these VIPs are first taken out through a safe route, without any hindrance, and till then the general public is kept in custody.

I had a long association with Netaji. Due to this I also went to Saifai on Tuesday and paid my tributes to the family of ‘Netaji’. But what I saw in Saifai was quite disturbing. On the death of the popular ‘Netaji’ of millions, the Government of Uttar Pradesh did nothing in Saifai which would have been in accord with the dignity of ‘Netaji’. Many big leaders, Chief Ministers, industry and film personalities from all over the country and lakhs of people reached Saifai to pay tribute to ‘Netaji’. But due to the great chaos, he was very upset. All the leaders of the scuffle were victims. Many also suffered injuries. Even Akhilesh Yadav himself was not able to stand upright near his father’s body. He was repeatedly being hit by the crowd.

Police were present in large numbers in Saifai but kept watching the spectacle standing. Neither did the traffic arrangement smooth nor did the work of directing and controlling the crowd at the funeral site. The administration was merely performing a formality. Dozens of magistrates and other officials called from the surrounding districts, some of whom were to receive the VIPs, also looked confused. Whereas it had been 24 hours since ‘Netaji’ died. This much time is enough for the administration to make a practical plan and implement it. Therefore, it cannot be avoided by calling it inexperience. Due to such carelessness of the administration, lakhs of people were getting upset and shocked. On the death of his fierce enemy Ravana, Lord Shri Ram got him cremated with state honors and gave the knowledge to Lakshman ji that all enmity ends after death. Therefore, it should be assumed that there must have been no animosity behind this disorder. Therefore Yogiji should get the whole matter investigated and the guilty officers should be punished.

I have no hesitation in saying that the workers of the Samajwadi Party are no less responsible for this disorder. Dedicated workers of many political parties try to discipline their lakhs of supporters responsibly by being disciplined themselves on such occasions. Then whether it is the swearing-in ceremony or any other occasion. After the departure of ‘Netaji’, the entire burden of Samajwadi Party has fallen on the shoulders of Akhilesh Yadav. Therefore, experienced and senior workers of the party, especially those who have served in the army or police, should organize camps and train their workers to be disciplined. So that in future such chaos should not be seen.

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