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The world starts moving towards the third world war!

October 2022 will be a memorable month in human history. Especially this week. That’s because the third term of Xi Jinping in Beijing is being stamped out, which echoes the trumpet of the Great War. China will make the world dance on its fingers by creating a new world order in the next five years. The manner in which President Xi Jinping has made himself a super-history leader even greater than Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, is the launch of a world war. Their ego is China and its Communist Party, PLA or Chinese Army, its economic power and the human power of 145 crore people. From above, more than one-third of the world’s poor, indebted countries have also been made their hangers. Then the next and ultimate mission is to rotate the earth on the axis of China only and only. Xi Jin Ping will create a new world order that will make it the ancient glory that once belonged to the Han and Ming dynasty. When Chinese civilization-culture was considered the middle kingdom of the world. Remember, this is how Hitler’s dreams used to be. Hitler too, after making the bullet power of the chariot of development, again made the army run in ego so that there would be unity over the world of Germany. Enemy race and religion people should end.

Think from any angle, any aspect, the month of October of the year 2022 is making a frightening direction. The global trenches of the Third World War are being formed. In the Communist Party meeting of the People’s Hall of Beijing, residents of Chinese civilization applauded Xi Jinping in a manner similar to the status of a World War I Commander-in-Chief. In a way, even the sacrifice of the country was stamped in the vision and purpose of Xi Jinping. On the other hand, in the Kremlin of Russia’s capital Moscow, President Putin has given command of the army general to fight in Ukraine, whose notoriety is to fight the fight not as a fight, but with the motive of genocide and destruction. As a result, Ukraine was badly hit by missiles last week. Immediately the Defense Ministers, Generals of NATO countries held an emergency meeting in Brussels. After the meeting, a public announcement was made that Ukraine would be given new weapons to eliminate the missile in the sky itself. Will not let Ukraine end, will not give up. We will live in darkness, suffer economic ruin but will not buy gas and oil from Russia. He will neither have diplomacy nor will he allow Ukraine to be captured!

There are figures, eyes, cameras recorded visuals and videos about how Ukraine, Russia, Europe are being ruined, but no one can do anything about it. There is debate and voting in the United Nations, but there is no movement of diplomacy. How can it be? Is it possible to have diplomacy with people of Ravana tendency? Some 85 years ago, British Prime Minister Chamberlin had gained the confidence of averting the war by diplomacy with Hitler. Taking the message of Ramji, Hanumanji also went to convince the ruler of Sri Lanka, Ravana, to do diplomacy with him. In Mahabharata, diplomacy was also done to convince the Kauravas, Duryodhana, but be it Ravana, Duryodhana or the twenty-first century modern Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, when they consider themselves to be God in ego and omniscience, with the blessings of Mahadev, they have fifty-six inches of chest. If the overlords begin to understand, then how will there be room in the skull for poor diplomacy, Saraswati’s veena-speech, wisdom to understand and explain.

This history is true of Ravana and his ego, then the chemical tendencies born from it, which become a bloody inundation of red color at every time, every place, every human being. That’s why diplomatically flying white pigeons, standing in front of tyrant arrogants with a white flag has always proved to be meaningless!

That’s when the time of the third world war is coming. Calculate its duration in the same way as the period of rise and fall of Hitler and Mussolini’s hysteria. Fat fat people can say that as long as Xi Jinping and Putin are alive, blood will flow. Humanity will continue to die in the pits of destitution, ruin and war. Even if its form is different.

Meaning a different kind of but more deadly Third World War than the First and Second World Wars. Why? First, the availability of nuclear weapons. Secondly, new weapons of cyber attack. Thirdly, economic power i.e. new tricks to make slave trade with the power of money in the Great War. Yes, Xi Jinping has made countries almost undeclared slave-dependents by making them dependent on them by making them indebted with this weapon. Fourthly, the propaganda war in the media-social media has taken on new dimensions. Fifth, the battle of civilizations rather than nation boundaries. Sixthly, the crusades of arrogant kings, race, caste and religion and jihadi fanatics will have different tempers in different areas. It can be said that the fire of ideologies, communism-capitalism-Nazi ideas during the last world war will be fueled by race, religion, jihad in the third world war. Seventh, because the world has become globalized, the center of the battlefield will not only be Europe alone or as much as the Second World War, but there will be more conflict in Asia and the Pacific. Eighth, the main reason for this happening is the commander-in-chief of China and Xi Jinping. By conquering Asia, China would have crossed Japan, Australia in the Pacific and would make more targets of America.

It is possible that I understand this scenario as fiction. But keep in mind that while Xi Jinping will confront and entangle Putin with Europe through Ukraine over the next five years, he will decide on the Taiwan versus India option first with his military might. Thus both are his easy and old targets. But because America and Japan are behind Taiwan, it is possible to immediately declare world war by landing PLA troops in Taiwan, while in the Himalayan areas of India’s Arunachal to Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, if Xi Jinping If you increase your troops, America and Europe will not be worrying. By building a military cantonment in Nepal, China reaches the ends of Ramji of Ayodhya and Baba Vishwanath of Kashi and asks Hindus and their current god Narendra Modi to call Beijing and sign it, then it will have a tremendous impact on the whole of Asia. China’s basic-first strategy is to take the Hindu-Islamic-African population under its thumb. Then automatically America, Europe, Japan, Australia will be helpless. They don’t understand what to do.

You must be thinking what nonsense I am writing. Narendra Modi of our fifty-six inch chest, our superpower, our arsenal of nuclear weapons, Modiji’s world leader, Modiji, Dovalji, Jaishankarji in Russia and America, when Xi Jinping’s stuttering, then Xi Jinping does not even dare to open his eyes and look towards India. Is. You have not seen in the photo that Xi Jinping does not open his eyes in front of his Modiji. Poor’s eyes remain closed.

I have fallen into the mode of satire while writing. Let me tell you an example from the second world war. When the Prime Minister of Britain went to Berlin to meet Hitler in the hope of peace, after the meeting of both of them, even the British media were praising Chamberlin. People believed that Hitler would leave us. But what happened? Only then, believe it or not, in the last 75 years, all the rulers of Beijing, from Mao to Xi Jinping, have been continuously criticizing India. These Chinese leaders consider India to be a milking and eating cow. After Taiwan, Ladakh from Arunachal, or the whole of the Himalayas, has been considered as its own. Repeatedly claiming, warning. So keep note, the Himalayas will inevitably be the battlefield of the third world war!

I am praying silently to my God that the mind of Xi Jinping, the target of his PLA army should be towards Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and America. But the arrogant dictator’s eyes are in all directions. So who can avert it? Then what concerns we Hindus? In this way, if you stay alive by fate and destiny, then you will also remain in the third world war. Nehruji had also said that what is kept in barren plateaus, even if grass does not grow, then what is kept in the Himalaya mountains and also in distant Arunachal. The biggest thing – Hoihe Soi Jo Ram Rachi Rakha of the current edition of Hoihe Soi Jo Modiji Rachi Rakha When you have full faith in Rakha then what to worry about! There will be more slaves ahead!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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