What are some facts about India ?

Some cool facts regarding Republic of India

1. There is a women’s market in the Republic of India, in state -manipur.

What are some facts about India ?

The exact origin of the market is unknown however several specialists say the market dates back to the sixteenth century. The market’s only female-personnel originated as a result of the social control of the Lallup-Kaba, an ancient forced labour system in the state that sent men of the Meitei community to cultivate faraway lands and fight wars. The ladies stayed back within the villages, operating in their own paddy fields, taking care of them and trading their farm in temporary markets. This junction rectifies the creation of markets wherever womens have a central role, the foremost necessary and largest one being the Ima Keithel.

Only married girls are allowed to trade and run the stalls during this multi-ethnic marketplace, a privilege that’s passed on from one generation of Manipuri girls to ensuing. a singular cultural expertise, this vivacious ‘Market of Matriarchs’ continues to be a pretty example of economic authorisation and gender equality.


2. India is the only country that has lions and tigers.

What are some facts about India ?


3. The Tirupati Balaji temple and therefore the Kashi Vishwanath Temple each, receive additional guests than the Vatican city and Mecca combined.


4. India’s Kumbh Mela is the largest gathering of individuals within the world, therefore giant that it’s visible from space.

What are some facts about India ?


5. India’s ISRO has the record for the very best variety of satellites launched in one go-104, the second highest is Russia -37!!


6. India has a larger no.of mosques .


7. Takshila is alleged to be the primary University within the world.


8. India produces one Australia once a year – even with a bare rate of one.71%, we have a tendency to add eighteen million to the population annually.


9. Lonar Lake, a saltwater lake in Shingnapur in Maharashtra, was created by a meteor that hit the world and is one amongst its kind in the Republic of India.

What are some facts about India ?



10. In a village known as Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra, individuals are living in homes with no doors for generations. This can be as a result of their belief that whoever steals something from this place can incur the wrath of Shani God and can ought to acquire his/her sins terribly dearly. There’s no police station in this village either.


11.Shampooing is an Indian conception.


12. Diamond Mining is an Indian conception.

What are some facts about India ?



13. India produces the very best variety of films within the world.


14. India is the largest producer of milk within the world.

What are some facts about India ?



15. Chail in Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket stadium in the world. It’s placed at an elevation of 2444 meters (above the ocean level).


16. India has the biggest quantity of vegetarians within the world.


17. Yoga is an Indian concept.

What are some facts about India ?


18.Lambasingi (or Lammasingi), a village within the Chintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam district is placed at a thousand meters on top of the ocean level. It’s the sole place in South Republic of India that has a snowfall and is additionally nicknamed as Kashmir of Andhra pradesh.


19. India is the world’s largest democracy.


20. The world’s second highest Muslim Population lives in india.

What are some facts about India ?


21. There are more road deaths in the Republic of India than any other country in the world.



22. world’s biggest producer and consumer of mangoes is india.

  What are some facts about India ?




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