The IC3 Institute, a U.S. non-profit, has come up with an initiative to help women affected from COVID-19

Ganesh Kohli, Chair, Board of Trustees, IC3 Institute, shares his thoughts:

Q. How does IC3’s initiative help women from families affected due to COVID-19?
A. The IC3 institute is helping women from families that have lost their breadwinners to COVID-19 by empowering them with training and employment opportunities. Through the initiative, women from distressed families will be provided with financial aid and welfare, training and education to become career counsellors, upskilling to prepare them to join the modern workforce, and socio-emotional counselling and life skills training, and will be linked to schools in their region to ensure sustainable employment opportunities.

Q. What kind of full-time employment opportunities are provided for women within IC3’s global network of high schools?

A. The women from affected families will be trained as career counselors and connected and connected to full-time employment opportunities as career counselors within IC3’s global network of high schools. Not only will this provide a dignified life for one woman and her family, but it will also strengthen the IC3 mission by providing school students with career counseling guidance to help them make the best career decisions and live happy, purposeful lives.

Q. Please explain in detail the kind of financial aid that distressed families will receive and for how long?

A. In the course of the training, all the women will be provided with financial aid and technology support (laptops, email addresses). The training will be provided in a blended learning format, with a mixture of online and in-person learning. The cost of their travel and accommodation for the week of in-person training will be covered by the IC3 Institute.

Q. How can people support the initiative?
A. The IC3 Institute is currently raising funds to mobilize this initiative. Individuals as well as organizations who want to know more and contribute to rebuilding the lives of these women and their families can visit the link here. Apart from IC3’s existing network of global schools, schools that can offer full-time employment as career counselors to the affected women can partner with the IC3 Institute as patron schools. NGOs working on the COVID-19 relief efforts can become Advocacy Partners for this initiative. With the help of its advocacy partner, Covid Widows, the IC3 Institute has already identified 50 women who will begin the training program in September. For more information on how you can support this initiative, please write to [email protected].

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