Is it good to drink water while having food?

5 reasons why drinking water throughout your meals is dangerous for you

Find out why drinkable together with your meals is the worst factor you’ll be able to do for your health.

Is it good to drink water while having food?

Probably one in all the foremost common sights you see on a commonplace is that tall glass of water next to your plate of food. whereas some people assume it’s necessary to possess a glass of water –especially cold water – together with your meals, this habit may well be extremely damaging to your health.

Here are six reasons why you must avoid drinkable along side your meals:

Is it good to drink water while having food?

Dilute stomach juices: Your abdomen contains organic process acids that facilitate digestion and breakdown of food. excluding this, these juices are answerable for killing any infectious agents which may be eaten alongside food. additionally referred to as the ‘digestive fire’ (according to Ayurvedic texts) these organic process enzymes are essential for our overall health, we have a tendency to well-being as they additionally enable the abdomen to contract and pulverize the food we eat. Once this fireplace is diluted with water, it not solely dulls the complete system, however might cause cramping of the enteric enclosure. This stagnation of the complete organic biological process permits food to stay within the abdomen for extended periods and slows the method of passing digestible food into the little bowel for the absorption of nutrients. During a statement to TOI Shonali Sabherwal, dietetics counselor said, ‘Our stomachs have a talent of knowing after you can eat and start emotional organic process juices instantly. If you begin to drink at a constant time, what you’re really doing is diluting the organic process juices being free to digest your food, thereby impeding them from breaking down food.’


Reduces the number of saliva: Your saliva is the start to digestion. Not solely will it contain enzymes that facilitate breakdown of food, however it additionally helps stimulate the abdomen to unleash organic process enzymes and prepare itself for the method of digestion. After you drink water throughout your meals, your saliva gets diluted. This not solely sends weaker signals to the abdomen however additionally stops the breakdown of food in your mouth – creating digestion that is rather more troublesome.


Causes acidity: If you suffer from constant bouts of acidity, then this habit can be answerable. Since drinkable dilutes your systema digestorium, it results in a chain-reaction of ill-effects. According to Shonali Saberwal, the abdomen continues to soak up water until it gets saturated, after that, this water starts to dilute stomach ache juices, creating a mixture that is thicker than traditional. This results in lesser organic process enzymes being secreted, inflicting undigested food to leak into your system, inflicting acid reflux and heartburn.


Increases the number of hypoglycemic agents in your body:drinkable whereas you’re feeding may also cause a surge in your hypoglycemic levels, very like high glycaemic foods would. this can be as a result of once your body isn’t ready to digest foods tolerably it tends to convert the aldohexose crammed a part of that food into fat and stores it. This method then needs a surge of hypoglycemic within the body increasing your overall glucose levels.


Makes you placed on weight: Another common side-effect of drinkable together with your meals is that the indisputable fact that you are doing tends to place on weight. As explained earlier, there’s a surge in hypoglycemic levels and food is lessened to form fat that is held on. excluding that, in this piece of writing it’s believed that a weak organic process hearth is one in all the leading reasons for avoirdupois. Not solely will this cause associate degree imbalance between the vata, kapha and pita parts within the body, however it additionally results in the disruption within the approach your body works.


While the observe is dangerous for health, there are a couple of ways that you’ll be able to overcome the requirement to drink water throughout your meals, here are some tips:

Is it good to drink water while having food?

Have meals with less salt. Since salt could be a compound that will tend to form one thirsty it’s best you reduce the intake of this seasoning.

Don’t gulp down food, chew it well. change of state your food incorporates a range of health edges, and one in all those is that the indisputable fact that your saliva helps the method of digestion. What is more well chewed food is less complicated to break down and assimilate, permitting your systema digestorium to try and do its job well. excluding all this, one nice advantage of this observation is that the indisputable fact is that as you chew, the number of spittle created will increase, beating the urge to drink water.

Is it good to drink water while having food?

Drink water half-hour before your meal.someone ought to ideally drink temperature water before their meals if they need to slenderize and have a healthy metabolism. This observation additionally beats the urge to drink water throughout one’s meals.





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