Troubled by sanctions, Russia is now separating itself from the Internet.

Perth | Russia On Internet : Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been facing many unwanted changes. Sanctions are being imposed on Russia by governments around the world. These sanctions have not only affected its economy, but also now threatens Russian citizens’ access to the Internet. In such a situation, it is expected that Russia will very soon limit its dependence on the global Internet. Although complete withdrawal has not yet been confirmed, partial withdrawal will also be a difficult task. The consequences of Russia’s growing digital isolation for its citizens will be enormous.

Russia Towards Digital Isolation

Russia On Internet : Let us tell you that more than 85 percent of Russians use the Internet. Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began, people in Russia have found themselves deprived of online services such as Facebook, Twitter and even Netflix. Russia either has limited access to the sites, or is withdrawing these services. Major financial companies including Apple Pay, Google Pay and most major credit card providers have also significantly impacted e-commerce.
It has been told that Russia will start withdrawing from the global Internet from March 11.

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Russian server will be everything

Russia On Internet Russia has long controlled state-run media, but allows free access to content and services via the Internet. Although such freedom is progressively reduced, citizens are still able to remain connected to the wider web. This open access is now being revoked. Russia will claim dominance over Internet services and impose strict censorship on local media organizations in an effort to control information and reinforce Kremlin propaganda. According to this plan Russia is directed to move web hosting and business services to Russian servers.

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