Kriti Sanon shared the photo by putting saffron, users said election so added- Jai Shri Ram…

Mumbai | Election Result Bollywood Connection : Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon does not need any identity today. Soon she is going to release her big film Bachchan Pandey with Akshay Kumar. Even before this, he has given many block busters one after the other. But today in the election environment, when he shared a picture in social media wearing saffron colored clothes, a different atmosphere was created. Kriti had shot her latest album in an orange color designer dress, whose pictures she shared on social media today.

people are reacting

Election Result Bollywood Connection : This style of Kriti Sanon was very much liked by her fans and people gave different reactions to it. Some people called him orange candy and some people associated him with the results of the assembly elections. People said that today Kriti Sanon is wearing saffron clothes due to the massive victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh. After this many people started writing Jai Shri Ram on his post.

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no connection to election

Election Result Bollywood Connection : Let us tell you that actress Kriti Sanon has no connection with the results of the elections. Kriti has never openly expressed her views on any political issue, nor does this picture have anything to do with the results of the assembly elections. It is because of the result of assembly elections in social media that people are adding its connection to Bollywood as well.

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