Tragic: Boxer dies of heart attack in live match

Turkey’s star boxer Musa Yamak Hamza suddenly fainted in the third round during the match against Vandera, doctor declared dead

38-year-old Turkish star boxer Musa Yamak, who made his name in the European and Asian Championships at a young age, has died of a heart attack in a live match. He suddenly fainted in the third round during a match against Hamza Vandera in New York on Saturday. He was later declared brought dead at the scene. Turkish official Hassan Tura tweeted: “We have lost Alukra’s star boxer Musa Yamak.”

Let us tell you that Musa Yamak and Hamza Vandera had a live match during which he fainted in the ring before the start of the third round. In the second round, Vandera hit Musa hard, after which he lost consciousness for two hours. Meanwhile, Moses was numb. He was rushed to the hospital after a sudden collapse before the third round. During treatment here, the doctor declared him brought dead. Musa has not lost a single knockout match so far. His record is also 8-0. Musa became a professional boxer in 2017, but he rose to fame in 2021 and became an international champion.

The accomplice, arrested on December 26 last year, suffered a head injury and was thrown out of the ring against Igor Semarin. The injury was so deep that he went into a coma. He also died a painful death 10 days after the incident.

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