Amidst the Russo-Ukraine war, this Pakistani businessman bought two fighter planes for Ukraine

The statement of the wife of a Pakistani billionaire businessman Mohammad Zahoor revealed

The Russo-Ukraine war has been going on for the last three months. All the countries of the world came in support of Ukraine. While there are few countries in favor of Russia. Meanwhile, a shocking information has come out from the neighboring country of Pakistan. It is being told that a Pakistani billionaire businessman Mohammad Zahoor has gifted Ukraine by buying two fighter planes. This has been disclosed by his wife and Ukrainian famous singer Kamalia Zahur. She told that her husband and other wealthy friends are quietly helping Ukraine in its fight against Russia. However, despite being asked by Pakistan, it has remained silent on the whole matter.

During Morning with Ukraine program Kamalia Zahoor said that earlier my husband Mohammad Zahoor helped secretly but now I can tell this. He gave two fighter jets to Ukraine and also helped in many ways. However, there is uncertainty about Kamalia’s statement as to when he gave it. At the same time, it is being told that Mohammad Zahur is the former owner of the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post. Since the start of the Russo-Ukraine war in late February, Zahur has been involved in arranging for the safe evacuation of Ukrainian civilians.

Mohammad Zahoor said that I think we are in the worst crisis in the world since World War II. We are really in the middle of Europe. If something happens to those nuclear power plants, there could be more devastation than Chernobyl. Indeed, Western media claimed that the Russian military was deliberately targeting Ukrainian nuclear power plants. However, Russia denied these claims. Let us tell you that not only Pakistani businessmen, but also many rich people from Europe and America have helped Ukraine at their level. Many Western media organizations have also raised funds for Ukraine.

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