America: This woman is going to give birth to her child again

A woman named Jaden Ashley has told that the child has been placed again in her womb to give birth again

To become a mother is like taking a second birth for any woman. Every woman wants to get the happiness of motherhood in her life. But sometimes giving birth to a child can be troublesome for many women. Have you ever heard that a baby is not born in one go but in two? A similar case was seen in America where a woman is going to give birth to her children for the second time.

According to the information, a woman named Jaden Ashley of Orlando, America, told about the condition of her child through a video that she has been placed again in her womb to give birth to the child and after 11 weeks he will be born again. His clip has been viewed more than 20 lakh times. In fact, when Jaden’s child was 19 weeks old, he was found to be suffering from a disease called spina bifida. At first it was told that the child must be dead. Then came to know about the team of doctors specialized in open-foetal surgery in Orlando, USA. Which could fix his neural-tube defect.

After this, for the treatment of Jaden, they repaired the defect of his back by performing C-section surgery on him. Then closed it. After that I was pregnant again. Many problems arose. But they kept monitoring very closely. A similar case had come up before this as well. Then the surgeons put the baby back in the mother’s womb for two weeks after the operation. Then the child was born and he is alive. This case was of Johnny Renkemeier, a resident of Missouri, USA.

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