The artist set his painting worth crores on fire!

The incident was also streamed live on social media, the reason for doing so was

For an artist in general and a painter in particular, his paintings are very important. If the artist is famous, then his paintings are sold in lakhs and crores. Renowned British artist Damien Hirst, 57, is also one such painter. Although he has done the feat, once he has come into the discussion. Yes, Damien set his paintings worth crores of rupees on fire.

Damien not only set his paintings on fire at his Newport Street gallery in London, but also streamed the entire incident live on social media. People saw the patting burning live on the internet.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why did this artist take such a step? So let me tell you the reason. Actually Damien has launched a project which he named The Currency. According to media reports, under this project, he has converted his various paintings from physical assets to NFTs. NFT is the digital form of any physical object. He has given each painting a proper title, order and signed it. The cost of each NFT will be Rs 164000.

That is, after this project Damien’s paintings will come in digitized form and whoever buys those NFTs will be the owner and since there will be no physical copy of the said painting, so the concerned digital copy will be the only existence in the world. Let us tell you that the trend of NFT is increasing rapidly in the current era of the Internet and especially the assets like drawings, photos, paintings, music etc. are being converted into NFT by their owners.

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