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Anupamaa: Anupama’s actors charge huge amount even for a day, know Rupali Ganguly’s fee

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Anupamaa: The TV show ‘Anupama’ was aired last year during the lockdown, the lead actress of this show is Rupali Ganguly i.e. Anupama. Let us tell you that the fans like this show very much. For this reason, the show constantly remains at the top of the TRP list. The makers as well as the actors work hard to keep this show in the top. Anupama’s husband Vanraj Shah is in this serial. From the children of Kavya i.e. Madalsa Sharma and Anupama to ‘Baa’ i.e. Alpana Buch and Bapu ji i.e. Arvind Vaidya, the role of every character has been shown to be important. All the actors of the show have made a special place in the heart of the audience, but do you know how much money each artist of this show charges for an episode. Let us know today how much Anupama’s actors charge for an episode.

Rupali Ganguly (Anupama)

Rupali Ganguly is the lead role of ‘Anupama’. Fans also like Anupama a lot. In the form of Anupama, the story of a woman who takes care of the whole house is shown. According to reports, Rupali takes Ganguly Rs 60,000 for an episode of Anupama.

Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey)

Vanraj Shah plays Anupama’s husband in the show. Sudhanshu is the second number lead actor. Anupama charges Rs 50,000 per episode of Sughansh Pandey for the show.

Kavya (Madalsa Sharma)

Kavya i.e. Madalsa Sharma is also in an important role among the main cast of Anupama show. Madalsa Sharma gets around Rs 35,000 per day for an episode of Anupama.

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Paritosh aka Toshu (Ashish Malhotra)

Ashish Malhotra played the character of Vanraj Shah’s elder son Paritosh aka Toshu in the Anupama show. Ashish gets Rs 33,000 for the character of Paritosh for the Anupama show.

Kinjal (Nidhi Shah)

In the show, Nidhi Shah plays Kinjal, wife of Anupama’s eldest son Paritosh Shah. Nidhi Shah gets Rs 32,000 per day for playing Kinjal in Anupama.

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Bapu ji (Aurobindo Vaidya)

Bapu ji (Hasmukh Shah) i.e. Arvind Vaidya has a lesser role in Anupama but he appears in an important role. He is a veteran actor in the TV industry. Arvind Vaidya gets Rs 25,000 per day for the role of Hasmukh Shah (Babuji) in this show.

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ba (alpna butch)

Baa is always in the news for her character. Fans like Ba’s acting very much. Alpana Buch charges Rs 22,000 for an episode of Anupama.

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