Rohit Tayade Managing a Perfect Poise Between Business and his YouTube Channel

Rohit Tayade is a dynamic Mechanical Engineer who is an Entrepreneur And  Youtuber. He loves social media and has an edge on it. With his strong presence on social networking sites, he is able to shape himself as a competent social media influencer who has a tangible amount of fan base on all the sites. During his student life, he kept many of the top CEOs of different companies as his ideal and his life had a great impact on his life. Hence he wanted to pursue a parallel career as well apart from doing something in his core field.

Rohit Tayade: Balancing Professional and Passion Together carrying Business and YouTube Channel the best

While treading this path, he started his YouTube channel apart from establishing his life as a blogger who is keen as a trade advisor as well. He explored the field of the stock market and soon got an edge over the trade market getting a good understanding of how stock markets operate and function. He learnt the same from his father and uncle who have remained active in this field. Besides, he also learnt how to leverage digital platforms like YouTube.

He then chose two areas – Bollywood and Gaming that remain the most consumed issues in the country. He then started creating content on these two subjects and putting them together on his social media pages and handles. However, his quence to earn more knowledge is still not on hold as he keeps on exploring one thing or the other. He wants to remain a quick learner all the time so that he remains updated all the time without going obsolete.

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