Capes India Storm Skin Review: A Must Buy

Well, smartphones are getting more beautiful day by day with unique gradient glass finish designs. However, each coin has two sides and just like that; there are some cons of the glass sandwich design. First of all, these smartphones feel slippery in hand. The other problem is that we end up getting smudges and scratches in a few weeks. That’s the reason we apply a skin or case on our smartphones, but case usually increases the weight and thickness of the phone. So, the ideal option is always the skin. Today, we have a skin from Capes India, which is very well known for the industry-leading skins in India. Without further ado, let’s begin with the Capes India skin review.  

Capes India Storm Skin Review 

We have applied Storm skin on our Redmi K20 and Charger, and we are going to share what we feel about this product in this full article.  


capes india skin review, capes india storm skin review

Before we jump into the skin, we would like to appreciate the packaging of the skin. It comes in an eco-friendly cardboard envelope with minimal design and text on it which looks sick as well protects the skin inside very well. In the package, you will get a microfibre cloth and a welcome template with a QR code. You can scan the QR code to watch the applying guide.  


capes india skin review, capes india storm skin review

Capes India uses 3M Materials which is known for its patented adhesive which does not leave any residues when removing the phone and stays on the phone for a longer period of time. It also has some sort of air release channels for making the application process easy. The skin has a premium touch to it which makes in-hand feel very good. period of time. 3M materials are used to wrap high-end cars to customize the look and protect the paint. Hence, this is the best quality materials available in the market right now. Also, the skin is weatherproof so you don’t need to worry about it. 


You must be wondering how tough is it to apply a skin? Well, it’s very easy, to be honest. Capes India has made dedicated video tutorials for almost all smartphones which will help you in applying the skin correctly. The given microfiber cloth also helps in the same.  

We applied the skin for the first time and happy to report that there are no bubbles or any other alignment issue. It’s a very easy process. Clean your phone, put the skin on your phone, align it precisely and then apply some heat.  


Capes India has nailed in terms of skin alignment and fitting. From camera cutout to the edges, everything is very well aligned. The fit is excellent with in-line precision—no overlaps or gaps at any place across the phone.  

Our Experience with Capes India Skin 

We are using skin for about a week now, and we are really enjoying the quality of the skin. The Storm skin has a honeycomb-like design which really helps in gripping. It adds no extra weight to the phone and feels super slim. The best thing about the skin is the level of confidence it offers. The phone feels very comfortable to use. It definitely looks very modern and adds an entirely new look to the device.   

capes india skin review, capes india storm skin review

Why should you buy Capes India Skin? 

First of all, Capes India makes some really good high-quality skins for almost all the popular smartphones and even other tech accessories and laptop. Secondly, they have a wide variety of cool skins, so you can completely customize your smartphone according to your preference and not just the phone, but you can apply a skin to your phone charger which looks really good. Apart from this, you can get an extra layer of protection which will save your phone from smudges and scratches and above all, the extra grip is cherry on top. 

capes india skin review, capes india storm skin review

Skins from Capes India is affordable, and it provides a good value of your money, so you can definitely consider buying one, you will appreciate it for sure. These are our two words on Capes India skin. Buying links are available below. 

They provide Free Shipping on all orders that are paid online and there is Cash on Delivery option as well. 

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Stay tuned for the review of Color Flip Skin by Capes India.

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