Words of change-makers can change one’s life.

Team Jazba is up with a new project named “Word with Changemakers”, as they believe in giving wings. True wisdom is one, which is shared and used to give wings to someone’s life.
With this project, Jazba aims to bring a change in people and endeavours to educate people with the benefits of charity and to inculcate a sense of helping and kindness. Also, this project serves as a hub of different types of topics like fitness, anxiety, mental health, doodling etc.

  • We collaborate with some experienced and motivating speakers.
  • We conduct these sessions on Instagram LIVE every week.
  • Till date, we have successfully conducted these 4 sessions, and we are looking forward to having many more such sessions.
    1. Fitness in Times of COVID-19
    2. Interview Session on Radial Approach to Making an Impact.
    3. Line Art Therapy Workshop.
    4. Collegiate Mental Health Amid COVID-19.

Follow Jazba Helping Hands on Instagram to watch amazing sessions. @jazba_helpinghands

For more information visit you can visit the official website.

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