Riggear Skin Review: Best Smartphone Skins in India

Nowadays smartphones come with a really good looking glass back but the major concern here is it easily gets scratches and fingerprint smudges. Now, you can either apply a case or a skin to protect your phone. If you are a case person then check out our Riggear case review here. But if you are someone like me, who loves skin then continue reading our Riggear Skin Review.

Riggear Skin Review

For those who don’t know, Riggear is an Indian brand that makes really high-quality case and skin for the majority of the smartphones. Further, they also make a skin for TWS, Mouse, Google Home, Charger, PS5, GoPro, Drone, Amazon products and what not! There is also one option to order a custom skin just in case your product is not listed. Today we have Matrix skin with us and here’s our review!

Apply and Fitting

Just like all other premium skins, Riggear skins are made of 3M material and it feels premium in hand. Applying process was super easy and one thing I really liked about the skin is that it is very thin, so it fits and melts perfectly with the smartphone back without any hustle. 

Riggear Skin Review


  • Unlimited customization
  • Protection from fingerprint and smudges
  • Protects your device from scratches 
  • Bubble free application
  • Precision engineered 
  • Premium materials


Customisation is a strong point of Riggear. You can choose different material and colour for the back, frame, camera and lens and you can fully customise. More than 24 styles are present.


So, I have Matrix skin with me and it has a very tiny honeycomb-like design going on all over the skin and it looks dope in matte black!

Riggear Skin Review

I have been using the skin for more than 10 days now with and without a case and I have no complaints regarding the fitting. Super precise measurement offers a great in-hand feel and good grip! We enjoyed our time with Riggear skin and if you are looking for good skin then 100% recommended.

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