Good deal – The Sony DualSense Violette “5 stars” gamepad at 49.95 € (-30%)

The Sony DualSense Violette gamepad goes under €50 at Carrefour, a drop of around 30% on the price usually observed. It is currently one of the best products in our comparison.

Articulated around sensory experiences, the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 stands out quite clearly from the DualShock of previous PlayStations. A sensational controller in many ways.

Sony DualSense

Sony DualSense

Significantly different from the DualShock 4 in terms of design, the DualSense has the good taste to keep the fundamentals of its elder so as not to disturb players on PlayStation too much. It nevertheless brings many convincing improvements, which certainly come at the expense of the record lightness of previous Sony controllers, but act as real technological advances. The mention of “haptic” technology is thus not usurped and the adaptive triggers surprise as much as they convince. A success on almost the whole line, in short.

Strong points

  • Grip comfort.
  • Sensations provided by haptic technology.
  • Adaptive triggers.
  • Manufacturing quality.
  • Good responsiveness of the wireless link and controls.

Weak points

  • The lightness of the DualShock is no longer (but remains very correct).
  • Autonomy correct, but not fantastic (12 hours max).
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