Riggear Case Review: Premium Smartphone Skin

Riggear is a Bangalore based case and skin brand and they offer a plethora of options to choose from. They make really great quality products for almost all the latest smartphones. I’m personally a Skin Person but I was eager to try out the Riggear case because it offers great customisation as well as solid protection. Here’s our Riggear Case Review.

Riggear Case Review

We have today two cases: One is White marble and the other is Teal Sandstone. However, they offer more than 24 different styles and all of them look super cool. I personally like a more minimal and clear design so I tried White and Teal.

White Marble

Riggear Case Review

First, we have this White Marble Case on our Redmi K20. As you can see it looks very minimal and classy! The back surface is Matte and has a very good amount of grip. When you hold your phone with this case, you will definitely feel premiumness. The sides of the case are black.

Teal Sandstone

Riggear Case Review

I am a fan of Sandstone finish and this teal colour makes this case even more beautiful. It has very minute details going on all over the case and it really helps in gripping. The in-hand feel is also as good as it can get!


As I have mentioned above, I am a skin person, because generally, the case does not fit perfectly and it annoys me while using the phone. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Riggear case. It is a very solid build and fits perfectly. All the ports are aligned perfectly and the button feels very tactile and clicky.


What’s the USP of Riggear case? The wide range of customisation it offers. As I told before, you can definitely choose from a wide variety of designs and style and colours. But further, you can choose a different style for the camera portion and it makes the whole thing really amazing!

When Style meets actual protection

Riggear Case Review

This is the tagline of Riggear case and it is very true! The advanced TPU bumper makes the case shock-resistant and hard polycarbonate allows customization using a wide range of premium Vinyl. Dual-layer hybrid construction protects the phone with accidental drops! The camera is also protected well enough!

Lightweight and Sturdy

I didn’t feel any extra bulk while using the phone with the case. All thanks to the great quality of the Riggear case. We enjoyed our time with the Riggear case. If you’re looking for a great quality case for your phone then you should definitely consider getting one from Riggear. Links present below.

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