Price increased by Rs 9.20 in 15 days

new Delhi, The trend of increasing the prices of petrol and diesel continued on Tuesday as well. State-run petroleum marketing companies on Tuesday increased the price of both the fuels by 80-80 paise per liter. In the last 15 days, the price of both the fuels has increased for the 13th time. In this 13-time hike, the prices of both petrol and diesel have increased by Rs 9.20 per liter in the national capital. one day before Oil prices were increased by 40 paise per liter on Monday.

happened on tuesday After the increase, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 104.61 and diesel at Rs 95.87 per liter. In Mumbai, the price of petrol reached Rs 119.67 per liter and that of diesel reached Rs 103.92. After Tuesday’s increase, the price of petrol in Kolkata increased to Rs 114.28 and diesel to Rs 99.02, while in Chennai, petrol reached Rs 110.09 and diesel Rs 100.18 per liter. In almost all the cities of the country, the price of petrol has crossed a hundred and diesel has also crossed a hundred or is about to do so.

Significantly, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the price of crude oil has increased in the international market. But due to the election of five states in India, oil prices were not raised earlier. Prices started rising from March 22, 12 days after the election results were announced and have been rising continuously for the last 15 days. When the prices started increasing in India, crude oil started becoming cheaper. But in the last two days it has increased by more than five per cent. On Tuesday, the price of crude oil in the international market reached $109.11 per barrel.

Shivam Bangwal

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