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‘Pathan is my friend’, Deepika Padukone is happy after listening to Katrina

Pathan Releasing Today: The year 2023 has started and now the film ‘Pathan’ is going to be released in theaters very soon. Finally, that day has come and after some time people will be able to see the new avatar of Shahrukh Khan in theatres. Fans are very excited about this film. Everyone is congratulating the film and the team in their own way. In this line, now Katrina Kaif has also given a message to ‘Pathan’, seeing this Deepika Padukone has become very happy.


Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone were very distant from each other at one point of time. After dating Deepika Ranbir Kapoor had come to Katrina. But now all have moved ahead in their lives. When Katrina especially wished for ‘Pathan’, then Deepika liked this very much.

Katrina has shared a photo of her ‘Tiger’ look on her Instagram story. With this he has written that, ‘My friend Pathan is on a dangerous mission. It is very important for the security of the country, so you cannot reveal anything related to it. Now all of you are part of this mission. Zoya.

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