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Who is Jigna Vora ka Jagruti Pathak? Where is Jigna Vora? Is Jagruti Pathak story real?

The director of ‘Scam 1992,’ Hansal Mehta, has come up with a new show called ‘Scoop,’ which is based on a story that had shaken the media world. The trailer for ‘Scoop’ has been released, and it’s receiving a lot of praise. Let’s discuss the real-life murder story that serves as the basis for this show. The trailer for the Netflix series ‘Scoop’ is out, and it’s generating a lot of buzz. In one scene from the trailer, a child is seen meeting his mother in jail. He says, “My mom can’t kill a single cockroach,” and as he says this, he hugs his mother. Actress Karishma Tanna plays the role of the mother, named Jagruti Pathak.

Right from the beginning of the ‘Scoop’ trailer, it becomes clear that Jagruti Pathak is a crime reporter and holds the position of Deputy Bureau Chief in a media organization. In the trailer, Jagruti is shown conducting an interview with Mumbai’s underworld don Chhota Rajan. There’s also a scene depicting the murder of her fellow journalist Jaydeep Sen. In one scene, Chhota Rajan is seen talking to the police on the phone, alleging that Jagruti Pathak instigated him to murder Sen. He also tells the police that Jagruti provided him with the details. The police subsequently arrest Jagruti and put her in jail, where they interrogate her.

Jigna Vora is an Indian journalist who gained notoriety for her involvement in the murder of another journalist, Jyotirmoy Dey, in 2011. Jyotirmoy Dey was a well-known investigative journalist who covered crime and the underworld in Mumbai. Her reporting had made het many enemies among criminal elements.

Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison

Vora biographical memoir about her journalism career and seven years of trial titled Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison was published by Penguin India in September 2019.

The case unfolded as follows:

1. Murder of Jyotirmoy Dey: On June 11, 2011, Jyotirmoy Dey was shot dead by assailants on a motorcycle in Powai, Mumbai. His murder sent shockwaves through the Indian media industry, and it was widely speculated that his reporting on the Mumbai underworld was the reason behind the attack.

2. Police Investigation: The Mumbai Police launched an investigation into the murder, and it was revealed that Jigna Vora, another journalist, had exchanged several phone calls and messages with Chhota Rajan, a notorious gangster, in the days leading up to the murder. This led to suspicions of her involvement in the conspiracy to murder Dey.

3. Jigna Vora’s Arrest: Based on the evidence collected, Jigna Vora was arrested in connection with the murder of Jyotirmoy Dey in November 2011. She was charged with being part of the conspiracy to kill Dey and for providing information to the criminals about Dey’s movements.

4. Trial and Acquittal: The trial in the case began, and Vora vehemently denied any involvement in the murder. She claimed that her interactions with Chhota Rajan were purely related to her work as a journalist. In November 2012, she was acquitted of all charges due to lack of concrete evidence linking her to the conspiracy.

Jigna Vora’s acquittal was a significant development in the case, as it left many questions unanswered. The case highlighted the risks that investigative journalists often face when reporting on organized crime and the underworld. Jyotirmoy Dey’s murder remains a chilling reminder of the dangers associated with this line of work.

Jigna currently stays in Mumbai with her son. Although, her exact location hasn’t been verified.

In the latest episode, Bigg Boss arranged for a press conference where Jigna was questioned about her past and struggles after being falsely accused in the infamous Jyotirmoy Dey murder case. Vora can be seen breaking down in tears as the media shot questions at her about the case that sent her to jail for 9 months.

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