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Dirty act happened with this actress in public, the heroine was shocked

Tapsee Pannu Life Facts: There are many actresses, who are becoming victims of molestation somewhere. With many heroines, there has been an incident of exploitation in childhood or before appearing in many films or had to go through molestation in their struggle life. One such actress is Taapsee Pannu, who had to become a victim of public molestation during her teenage years. He has worked in many films like Pink, Badla. Taapsee herself had disclosed this.

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Taapsee had said in an interview that when she used to live in Delhi, a man molested her in the middle of the road. Actually, Taapsee did not appear in films at that time, she used to live in Delhi and used to travel in DTS bus like ordinary girls. During the time of college, when Taapsee used to travel by daily bus and then one day a person molested her taking advantage of the crowd in the bus.

Taapsee was left speechless

That young man forcibly touched Taapsee standing nearby in the bus at many places by taking advantage of the crowd. Taapsee was stunned by this incident. This happened to him not once but many times. When he was traveling in the bus, people had touched him wrongly. Once Taapsee was queuing up outside a gurudwara in Delhi when a man touched her backside.

When he did this many times, Taapsee was left speechless. After which Taapsee caught that person’s finger and taught him a lesson. As soon as Taapsee did such an act, he ran away from the person’s line. Talking about her work, Taapsee Haseen is going to appear in Dilruba Part 2.

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