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Urfi Javed is in trouble, not getting shelter to cover his head

Urfi Javed has been in constant discussion for the last few days. They are getting constant threats. Several allegations have been leveled against him for spreading obscenity in a public place. A police complaint has been registered against him.


Distressed by these things, Urfi Javed wrote a letter to the Maharashtra Women’s Commission and sought protection from the Mumbai Police. Amidst these things, Urfi is unable to find a place to stay at this time. Urfi has expressed her pain in front of everyone. They Said that no one in Mumbai is giving them a house to live on rent. Everyone is scared for some reason or the other. Or not giving him a house on rent because of his clothes.

Urfi Javed has expressed his pain in front of everyone on Twitter. They say that the Muslim people consider them theirUrfi Javed Because of dress and Hindu people are not giving them house because of being Muslim. He also talked about political threat. In her tweet, Urfi wrote, “Because of the kind of clothes I wear, Muslim landlords do not want to rent me a house.”

Even Muslims don’t give house

In his tweet, Urfi Javed further wrote that, “Hindu landlords do not want to give me a house on rent because I am a Muslim. Some landlords have a problem that I am getting political threats. mumbai a rented houseurfi javed It is very difficult to find. Many people commented on his tweet and consoled him. Many people said that something similar has happened to them too. Urfi also replied on the matter of a user.

Urfi Javed has problems

Retweeting his old tweet, a user wrote, “This happened to me too, I hope you get well soon.”Urfi Javed Only got a good place to stay. Urfi reacted to this tweet. He wrote, “Frankly every time I find it absolutely impossible for me, a single, Muslim, actress to find a house.”

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