New Zealand: Farmers are fiercely opposing the law imposing tax on cow’s burp and foot

Last week New Zealand was working towards imposing a new agricultural tax as part of its plan to tackle climate change.

New Zealand is going to become the first and only country in the world to impose a tax on the burping of 36 million cows in its country. Also sheep urine is also proposed in this scope. Now with this, opposition has started in New Zealand against the government’s plan to tax cows and their greenhouse gas emissions. There is opposition to this but the government has made it clear that this step will not be taken back. On Thursday, hundreds of farmers of the country took to the streets with tractors. Protests were held in more than 50 cities and towns in New Zealand at the call of the Groundswell New Zealand Organization.

Methane gas is released from the belching, foot and dung of cows, which spreads pollution.

Let us tell you that the New Zealand farming lobby and this sector is the most powerful sector in the country. The New Zealand government last week proposed a new agricultural tax as part of a plan to tackle climate change. This includes a plan to tax the emission of greenhouse gases from cow dung and dung and other methods. Methane gas is released from the belching, foot and dung of cows, which spreads pollution. At the same time, farmers say that if this tax is imposed, then they will reduce the production of food grains in the country. This lobby says that this will destroy the small towns of New Zealand and trees will be planted in the form. In such a situation, where are the farmers that the government should reconsider its plan to tax the gas emissions from animals.

This law is in the interest of the country: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has planned to make the country carbon-free by 2050. The plan includes reducing methane emissions from animal husbandry by 10 percent by 2030 and by 47 percent by 2050. In such a situation, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Erden says about this rule that the new levy policy that is being implemented will be beneficial for New Zealand’s agriculture sector. The money that will come from this will be invested in new technology and research in the agriculture sector, as well as incentives will be given to the farmers. By the way, New Zealand’s economy is largely based on its agriculture sector as well. It has a major contribution to the country’s economy, but this sector also emits more than half of the country’s greenhouse gases.

1 crore cows and buffaloes per 50 lakh population

Most people are associated with farming in New Zealand. The population of the country is about 50 lakhs but, there are more than one crore cows and buffaloes and 26 crore sheep. Agriculture and animal husbandry account for nearly half of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Of these, the methane released from the burping of cattle is a particularly large contributor.

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