Weird News | Peculiar: Cockroach found in house then woman arrested, see what is the whole matter. Navabharat

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New Delhi: Obviously, in Diwali everyone cleans their house and office. So that Mata Lakshmi enters his house. In such a situation, recently Diwali cleaning has been done in your house. Only then the cockroach would have come out from one corner of the house. Having cockroaches in the house is not so good. But what if someone arrests you for having cockroaches in your house? Yes, it is shocking but the same thing has happened to a woman. This woman has been handcuffed because cockroaches were found in her house. Let’s know the whole matter..

woman arrested

Let us tell you that this shocking case has come out from America. Actually 51-year-old Karen Keys is a social worker. Cockroaches were found in his house. After that the police arrested him. It happened that some patients had come to this woman’s house. She was going to meet those patients. Then a patient accidentally set off the fire alarm in his house. So the fire brigade immediately came outside his house. Firefighters were shocked by what was found in his house.

Got all this in the house…

Surprisingly, there were many cockroaches in his house. Now you will say that this is shocking, no, even more shocking is that there were not one or two or ten but one lakh cockroaches in the woman’s house. Not only this, but there were not only cockroaches but more than 300 animals and birds in his house. This included 118 rabbits, 150 birds, 7 turtles, 3 snakes and 15 cats. Are you surprised? Everyone was shocked by what happened after that.

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Such was the condition of the house

The police have taken action against the woman for illegally keeping animals in the house. Officials said the air in his house was so toxic that no one could stay there for long. Rescuers had to wear hazmat suits. The complainant Jade Painter told that there was a terrible atmosphere there. No human or animal can live there. There was excrement everywhere on the floor. From this you can guess how the condition of his house will be.

animal lover woman

According to the information received about this, this woman was very fond of animals. That’s why people close to him called him Snow White. A friend of hers said she found out that a pet shop was closing and went to rescue them. She wanted them not to be homeless. She doesn’t want to torture animals. He spent all his money trying to give them a nice house. When she thought an animal was sick and needed a home, she would take good care of it.

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