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How To Get Good Marks In Board Exams – Exam Preparation Tips

Exam month is on the way and so the stress as well, right? I don’t think so. One piece of paper can’t decide your future, you have read this sentence many times, although we always have fear of exams. Let us share some useful exam preparation tips with you which will definitely help you to get good marks without taking any stress.

Hard Work Smart Work

You probably don’t need to remember every single page of your textbook. Simply note down tiny important points from huge books. Try to understand that point in your language and explain it in your own words. It is not necessary to copy the textbook’s language. So don’t work hard but be Smart.

Focus On Textbook Only

Usually, we purchase different reference books and paper solutions from different publications and read all of these together. This really doesn’t make any sense. Please don’t confuse your mind with so many books. Your exam paper is going to based on your textbook so just focus on it. You can use a reference book to know about what kind of questions can be formed from any topic. But remember to use only one book throughout the year. Don’t try different publishers.

No Smartphone and TV – YES

We are not joking. Yes, you should use your smartphone (Social Media as well) throughout the year and during exams too. But in Limit. This limit is different for each student. If you think that you can get good marks if you don’t use the smartphone and TV then you are wrong. I am telling this with my personal experience. I observed the lifestyle of some topper students and every single student was using mobile and watching TV. After reading continuously you should take a short break by watching a Youtube video, by doing some random stuff on your smartphone. It will increase your capacity for reading.

Don’t Lock Yourself Between Four Walls

Exam time is equal to lock yourself in a room and don’t go outside and don’t attend any function. Why? Celebrate each and every festival, attend all family function, party hard on your friend’s birthday, do whatever you want but just don’t sit in a room. You should read where family members are around. Keep eating something like fruit or Potato chips while reading!

Proper Sleep Is Necessary

If you are a night person then read at night and take a power nap in the evening and if you are a morning person then read early morning but sleep earlier at night. The proper sleep in much needed for the active mind. It doesn’t make any sense if you keep reading without taking the sleep.

Handwriting and Drawings

The paper checker will give you marks based on how you represented the answer in the answer sheet. So, instead of writing lengthy theories, divide them into topics and sub-topics and if drawing/figure is necessary then draw a clean figure with the labelled diagram. That’s all.

Keep Smiling and Enjoying. Don’t worry. You’re The Best.


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