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Jaijeet Singh: A 15 Year Old Influencer

Jaijeet Singh, mostly known as a kid who started influencing at the age of 15. He has been on Instagram from the past one year. Let’s talk with him about his journey and how he manages all these things.

1. You are just 15 years old, how does it feel to achieve success at this age?

This is the most delightful experience I have been having and hope to have in future too. I love when people recognise me and just smile or take a pic it’s a satisfying movement! I will make sure to give them a reason to smile every day. I can never beat the amount of love they gave me And yes, being 15 you can not ask for anything else than this amount of love! You guys keep me going, Thank you for that.


2. How do you manage your study and work together?

I usually set a goal like today I have to complete this even if it’s my work or studies no matter what the time is, Just try to give my best and rest is taken care of.


3. Who is your favourite child, actor/actress?

I don’t have any favourite things in any matter, but I do appreciate the abilities and the work done by them. Like my sister is doing this daily soap in which she has to play the character of a queen, it’s not an easy thing to do for a girl who is very friendly in real life, and while Reem is playing a character in which she has to act way more than her age, it’s not at all easy. I respect everyone’s work, but I don’t have a favourite one.


4. Tell us about your friendship with your sister Avneet Kaur.

We in relation are brother and sister, but the way we behave is like we have been best friends from many years. I am not saying this just for the sake. We don’t fake on any social media of being lovely to each other. We are what we are on camera.


5. I read somewhere that you are a passionate footballer too what you like to do besides modelling and acting.

Yes, I am totally in love with football. It’s not because of Ronaldo or Messi or any other player. I just feel alive when I play football, well after the practise I don’t feel alive at all!? But jokes apart it makes me feel something, so I give my efforts to it.


6. Fashion tips for young boys out there.

Don’t be afraid to wear something you like while others don’t, Feel confident. You don’t have to copy others just go and look at your clothes, and you surely will come up with something that is going to be bang on!!! And yes don’t try to be someone, You have your attractive points.


7. Would like to tell us about your upcoming projects?

I have not been taking any projects because of my 10th Standard, but I am sure there are going to be a lot of things, especially with Fin Network (Filmygyan).


8. What do you want to say to young boys about how to follow their passion and how to be successful?

Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you are passionate about your field, take a step and don’t look back at all and always talk to yourself how you can improve or What are your mistakes! Success is not far; we are afraid to get till there because it has some risky steps.


9. A Message for Fans.

Hey, Lovelies! Today I am Jaijeet Singh because of you all, your love kept me going, and the very less hate kept me improving. I will be nothing with you all while having you all is like having everything and thanks to every single fan page who used their time to post about me and even to every single person who ever liked or commented. You alone make a difference.
Thank You!

That’s it in this interview of Jaijeet Singh. Follow him on Instagram @singhjaijeet_4.

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