Imran Khan lashed out at the representatives of Muslim countries in the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said…


Islamabad | Imran Khan On Islam : Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has slammed Muslim countries in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). PM Imran Khan spoke openly on this Islamophobia narrative and expressed his views. Let us tell you that the organization meeting was organized in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Here Imran Khan said that Islamophobia has increased significantly after the 9/11 attacks in America. He said that some countries deliberately started checking Muslim countries with wrong negatives. He said that after the incident, Muslims and Muslim countries were seen with suspicion.

Faith has nothing to do with terrorism

Imran Khan On Islam : Imran Khan said that Islam and terrorism were seen together after this attack in America. Imran Khan said that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Imran Khan attacked the western countries and said that how can those countries differentiate between radical Muslims and liberal litigants when they compare Islam with terrorism. Imran Khan said that I have spent a lot of life in England. I have traveled all over the world as a player, so I can talk better about Islamophobia.

Muslim countries did nothing

Imran Khan On Islam : Imran Khan told the representatives of Muslim countries that I have to say with regret that when the narrative was being set, we did nothing to stop it. Imran Khan said that we should have explained to the people that no religion can have anything to do with terrorism. He said that even after Islam was compared to terrorism, all Muslim countries remained silent. During his speech, Imran Khan stressed on the unity, mutual partnership and development of Muslim countries.

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