Kapil sharma said to Modi ji – Har Har Mahadev … people said that they will see you …

Mumbai. Kapil Sharma Trolled : Known as the most famous comedian in India, Kapil Sharma lives in discussions every day. Just a few days ago, he was heavily criticized for not giving the Bollywood film Kashmir Files a place in his show. Kapil Sharma has not given any reaction on this so far. Although Kapil has always been known for his impeccable style and giving his opinion in almost all issues. In such a situation, he recently tweeted thanking PM Modi, after which people started trolling him again.

this is the case

Kapil Sharma Trolled : Actually, Kapil Sharma thanked Prime Minister Modi and said that thank you for bringing back India’s priceless treasure from Australia to his country. Everywhere Shiva. This was the tweet of news agency ANI in which it was written that PM Modi has inspected 29 antiquities which have been brought back to India from Australia. These are divided into 6 broad categories according to the subjects. In which Shiva and, his disciple, Shakti worship Lord Vishnu and his forms are Jain tradition and ornamental objects.

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Trolls are happening because of Kashmir files

Kapil Sharma Trolled : Let us tell you that for the last few days, Kapil Sharma is being trolled for the Kashmiri file. Superhit Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri had alleged that Kapil Sharma did not invite the film to his show due to the small star cast. Since then people are demanding boycott of Kapil Sharma’s show. In such a situation, people called this tweet done for PM Modi as paid. Not only this, some people have even said that everything will be remembered, we will see. At the same time, another user said that all this is a gimmick…

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