If you want to buy stylish and portable heater for home then definitely check the deal of Tower Heater


Amazon Deal On Tower Heater: If you want a small room heater in the house instead of the traditional looking heater, then buy Warmex Tower Heater from Amazon. This Tower Heater worth 5 thousand looks very cool to see and does good heating. Also, in addition to heating, there is also the option of cool, so that it can be used as a fan in summer. It gives warm air in every way in the room and it is also very easy to carry it while traveling.

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Warmex 1200/2000 Watts PTC Fan Tower Heater Zeal Plus With Remote – Black

The price of this tower heater is Rs 6,961 but it is available in the deal for Rs 5,199. This heater is getting a full 25% discount with a discount of more than Rs 1700.

How does a tower heater work?

  • It has a PTC heating element and it starts heating in just 30 seconds.
  • In this heater, you can set the temperature of 8 hours of continuous running as well as can set the temperature up to 10-49°C.
  • Oxygen is not burnt in this, so running for a long time is not harmful for health.
  • Apart from quick heating, it has the option of warm, cool and hot wind selection. It has a dual fan which keeps the air flowing throughout the room.
  • Its dimension is 12 x 12 x 86.5 Centimetres.

Buy Warmex 1200/2000 Watts PTC Fan Tower Heater Zeal Plus With Remote – Black

Amazon Deal: To buy stylish and portable heater for home, then definitely check this Tower Heater deal

Features of Warmex Fan Tower Heater

  • It has 2000 watt, 1000 watt and fan’s heat setting, which you can set according to your choice.
  • Also it has thermal cut off and reset function so that you can turn on any mode.
  • For easy operation, both LED display, full function remote and touch panel are provided.
  • Overheater protection has been given for safety and tip over switch has also been given.
  • It also has an auto off feature in case the heater fails.
  • Due to its compact size, there is no problem in carrying it anywhere.

Buy Warmex 1200/2000 Watts PTC Fan Tower Heater Zeal Plus With Remote – Black

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