If the birth certificate of the child has to be made, then get it done online like this, keep these things in mind


Birth Certificate: If the child’s cries have reverberated in your house recently, then you will be happy, apart from taking care of the little one at home, you also have to think about his future where all kinds of documents will be needed. First of all, get the child’s birth certificate or birth certificate made because it is the first certificate for any child. The government is also giving you the facility to make it online.

Birth certificate can also be made online
The online process for the birth certificate of the child is easy and it can be done even sitting at home. You can get the birth certificate made online within 21 days of the birth of the child, otherwise you will have to get it done from the Municipal Corporation or Panchayat office.

how to apply birth certificate online
If you want to make a birth certificate for UP, then for this visit the official website e-nagarsewaup.gov.in and you have to click on the birth certificate option here. After that click on registration and a form will open. Here you have to fill all your information correctly. After filling the form, an ID will be generated for you. The message of this ID will come on your mobile number. On the basis of this message, you can go to your account by generating ID and password. As soon as you go to your online account, the option of Birth Certificate will appear. After filling all the information asked in the birth certificate form correctly, click on the submit option. You are just done and the form has been submitted as soon as you click on submit. If its confirmation message will come on your given mobile number, then understand that soon your child’s birth certificate will be received.

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